The world is dying in the achingly necessary and horrifying The Seeds #1

Writer: Ann Nocenti Artist/Colorist: David Aja Letterer: David Aja Release Date: August 1, 2018 Genre(s): Paranoid apocalypse  Review Spoilers: Big reveal spoiled for this 32 page issue Despite having one of the shortest creative gestation periods, comics often feel almost unbearably behind the times, even when attempting to tell ripped-from-the-headlines stories or capture the zeitgeist. Some […]

‘Reborn’ Showcases a More Relatable Mark Millar, for Better and Worse

Author: Mark Millar Artists: Greg Capullo Release Date: August 2, 2017 Publisher: Image Comics Genre: Magic realism, fantasy adventure There are few writers, comics or otherwise, who prompt such an immediate, visceral, and divisive response as Mark Millar. After coming up in the shadow of visionary Grant Morrison, the Scottish provocateur […]

The #NerdsRead Pull List – August 9, 2017

BOOM! Studios is having a big week with Grass Kings #6, which Sam reviewed, and The Unsound #3, which Kylee is loving! Jackson read the first issue of Redlands from Image Comics, while Renee is continuing Violent Love, also from Image. She’s also enjoying a strong arc from Ms. Marvel and Marvel comics. Want to hear […]

Mech Cadet Yu #1 Pleases with Team-Ups, Action & A Thrilling Genre Mashup

Author: Greg Pak Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa Release Date: August 2, 2017 Publisher: Boom Studios Genre: All-ages, science fiction, Mecha What has always fascinated me about the Mecha genre is how flexible it is. In the same way as superheroes, stories of giant robots can include everything from the whimsical heroics of Big […]