Want to contribute to the work we’re doing here at Nerdophiles? Never fear! There are a few ways that you an get involved!
You can…


Are you a dedicated fan of all things nerdy? Or perhaps you tend to ‘specialize’ in one particular medium of geek-tacular expression. Maybe you’re a gamer, a reader, a dungeon master. No matter what your passion, we’ll bet you have opinions. It’s okay. We get it. We’re nerds. Geeks. We all have opinions about our favorite shows, movies, games, and more. And boy are we ever willing to tell you them. The real question, though, is this: have you ever considered taking to the net to share your thoughts?
If so, maybe you should consider joining our team. We are constantly looking for new talent to add to our pool of staff bloggers.
In particular, we are currently looking for staff members to provide the following coverage:

  • Television Recaps
  • Video Game Reviews and News
  • Book Reviews
  • Comic Book Reviews
  • Anime & Manga Reviews and General Coverage
  • Movie Reviews (Phoenix-based staff will have access to early press screenings)

If you can fill any of these positions we encourage you to apply!
To apply, email an application to our editorial staff at nerdophiles@gmail.com. Please make sure to include the following information:

  1. Name and Age
  2. Geographic Location
  3. A Brief Background of Yourself
  4. Why you want to write for us
  5. What sort of coverage you can provide
  6. Writing samples (preferably two or more)

The writing samples are fairly open. Just write something that you would consider worthy to be featured here on Nerdophiles. You can write about anything. As long as it is in some way ‘nerdy’ or ‘geeky’ it’s fair game. (Though it would make sense to write about topics within the subject area you hope to cover.) Just make sure to show us who you are and what you have to offer.
Please keep in mind that these are volunteer positions and that all applicants brought on as staff writers will be expected to write consistently. Those applicants brought on as TV recappers will be asked to cover two television series per season.
If you have any questions about the application process please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!


Nerdophiles welcomes guest post submissions from fellow bloggers, authors, and other aspiring writers. If you would like to be featured on Nerdophiles, send us an email with your potential guest post topic.


Feel free to send us any news tips or story ideas that you think would be interesting to our readers. You can shoot us an email or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.