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  1. Neighbor
    Neighbor at · Reply

    Hello, there. Oh, it is refreshing to find you. I enjoy so many different kinds of “nerd” entertainment. I can’t read or watch just one thing for too long, or I will get bored. I look forward to surfing your webpage. Thanks an octillion.

    Charles Benson

  2. Florin-George Vrabie
    Florin-George Vrabie at · Reply

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays during Dorian and Angelique`s waltz in season 2 ep 6? please!

  3. Jaime Jennings
    Jaime Jennings at · Reply

    Hey to the guys and gals who are at SDCC 2015!!!
    Will you be covering the Grimm Panel? (Sat @3pm PST) I need the scoop of what’s discussed! Do you know if it’s being streamed anywhere, or if you’re tweeting pics/video?
    Thanks muchly!

  4. aninjatool
    aninjatool at · Reply

    Love this site, lots of great information. I notice you guys don’t have much nerdy tech or science articles though. Is that something you guys ever considered? I think the audience for this site would find that appealing as well.

  5. Faro Kane
    Faro Kane at · Reply

    We are currently on our newest Kickstarter campaign for the next chapter of The Chronicles of Faro, a time travel adventure that begins when a man goes back to prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, blows it, gets thrown in asylum, sells his soul to the Devil to escape, goes back to the beginning of time, takes over the world, gets crushed by God, and then wakes up with a chance to do it all over again.

    Here is the link to the newest campaign, look forward to hearing from you with regards to a possible review

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