Nerdophiles was created in August of 2012 by Therese Lacson and Sam Wildman. Working together as a two-woman nerd team, they have since built the site into what you see today.

The idea behind the site was simple: bring together a group of talented nerds to write about the things we love and to share that love with others. Since 2012, Nerdophiles has done just that. We now have a fantastic team of bloggers writing with us from all across the United States and around the world.

All of our bloggers are avid, life-long members of the nerd community. We geek-out over everything from television to video games to books, comics, and more. You will find us at all of the biggest conventions and you can bet we are on top of any breaking news stories. Our diverse staff have equally diverse interests and we do our best to bring you a wide variety of nerdy, geeky content. Nerdophiles has been a labor of love for us all and we hope you enjoy your time here.