Synopsis of 01×06: In promoting Scarlet’s breast health awareness campaign, Kat tries to be bold with her message, but is left wondering whether her competitive nature is hurting her cause. Jane confronts past issues and current anxieties when she is tasked with writing a controversial piece about BRCA gene testing. Sutton leaves behind her life as a personal assistant; determined to excel at her tasks at hand, but when things fall apart, it’s Alex who rushes to her rescue.

 Things get real on The Bold Type as each of the girls face new opportunities and challenges in their lives. How do these bold women spend their weekends? By heading to a rally in the park to support women’s breast awareness by going topless. Sutton and Kat bare it all while Jane claims she just isn’t quite ready to show her goods.

 It’s Sutton’s first day as Oliver’s fashion assistant and she’s ready to kill it! Things aren’t off to a great start when she arrives at the office and Oliver tells her “early is on-time and on-time is late.” Oliver sends her on a coffee run and Sutton takes the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Richard on the way.

He seems very supportive of her and tries to give encouraging words on her first day. Desperate to get on his good side, Sutton is willing to do anything. Oliver wants a necklace but can’t get it because he’s on bad terms with the designer. Sutton claims she can get it for him. The questions is can she? 

Kat appears to be holding things together after accepting her feelings about Adena and coming to terms with her leaving to patch things up with Coco. Jacqueline talks to Kat about a photo she posted on Instagram that got removed by Instagram’s compliance team. Kat believes that the photo shouldn’t have been taken down because it promotes breast health awareness. Jacqueline agrees with Kat, but mentions the board thinks otherwise. She instructs Kat not to post anything else reading nipples or breasts until she speaks to the board. Of course Kat doesn’t listen, once again getting herself into trouble. 

During an editorial staff meeting, Jacqueline is looking for a new angle on ways to cover breast health awareness. Alex mentions a doctor who is conducting procedures for BRCA gene testing for women in their early twenties.

Of course our fav, Jane has an opinion: she thinks the procedure is too risky and that the women are being tested way too early. Jacqueline likes that she has a strong opinion about the topic and encourages Jane to interview the doctor and ask the hard questions. Jane tries to wiggle out of it, but Jacqueline won’t let her. 

After the meeting we learn that Jane’s mother had breast cancer. As with most of Jane’s articles for Scarlet, this is a very personal topic. Alex reaches out to Sutton and Kat and loops them in to what’s going on with Jane. When they stumble upon her before her appointment, Jane is very standoffish, something we’ve never seen from her. The two girls ask Jane if she’s okay to do the interview and Jane claims she’s got this. With that in mind, Kat asks Jane to consider getting the test to see if she tests positive for the gene. Jane doesn’t respond and walks onto the elevator instead.  

Jane meets with the doctor and asks tough questions. The doctor probes and asks Jane about her family history. At first Jane doesn’t want to answer, but then she does, admitting that her mom had breast cancer at 32. The doctor tells Jane she is the perfect candidate for the test. But Jane doesn’t stay to discuss it and heads back to the office. Jacqueline asks her how the interview went and Jane blows up on her in front of everyone. Jacqueline tells her to leave the office. 

Meanwhile, Kat went off to fight for women’s breast equality on Instagram by taking photos of male nipples. Sutton managed to get the necklace Oliver wanted thanks to one of her friends. However, when Jane called panicking about her blow-up at work Sutton goes running to her side leaving the necklace in a taxi. She freaks out and tries calling all the taxi companies in the city to track it down.

Jane meets with Jacqueline at her home that evening and reveals the truth about her mom. As expected, Jacqueline shows empathy and encourages Jane to think about getting tested for the gene. She reminds Jane that fear fosters bad decisions, like her blowing up at work.

Kat tries to help Sutton but is in trouble of her own with the board for posting more photos on Instagram when Jacqueline told her not to. Sutton starts to freakout as she runs out of time tracking down the necklace. Out of everyone, Alex is the only one who helps Sutton track down the necklace by reviewing the surveillance video from a cleaners.

Sutton and Alex share an intimate moment when she confirms the cab driver returned the necklace to her friend. Richard walks in to the cleaners and Sutton awkwardly backs away from Alex and says hello to Richard. Things are weird for a moment until Sutton and Alex leave to pick up the necklace just in time for her to give it to Oliver.

Alex asks Sutton if she’s dating Richard, and she says yes, and begs him to keep it a secret. He says he will and that it’s too bad because he would’ve kissed her. Say, what? I’ve always loved Sutton and Alex’s relationship. He’s been there encouraging her and helping her feel confident since the beginning, but will Sutton give him a chance?

Jacqueline talks to Kat about the issues with the Instagram account again. This time, she drives home the fact that even though she means well, some women are afraid and don’t need to be reminded constantly about breast health. She also tells Kat that she knows one of those women, Jane.

With that in mind, Kat backs off and apologies to Jane for being so overbearing. She explains how she loves her and will support her however she needs her to. Jane decides to do the BRA test and discovers she tested positive for the mutated gene. The doctor explains that she just has a higher chance of getting breast cancer throughout her lifespan. As Jane prepares for preventative care with breast exams every six months, Sutton and Kat remind her that they will be with her every step of the way. 

The Bold Type is hands down one of the shows every woman should be watching. This trio tackles serious issues ranging from sexual orientation, salary negotiations, sex, love, and breast health awareness. What more can the writers come up with? I can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode! 

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