Synopsis: Beyond features a young man named Holden Matthews who wakes up from a 12-year coma. Strange things begin happening all around Holden and he can’t help but want to find answers. He quickly discovers that he has supernatural abilities beyond the natural world and the fate of the world weighs on his shoulders.

After watching the season finale of Beyond I have so many questions! But, most importantly, I’m kind of left with a set of mixed emotions. The first couple of episodes kept me engaged and built a nice momentum. However, after watching the finale I can’t tell if I was pleased with the way the season ended… or if there should have been at least two more episodes in the season to wrap things up better.

Many things were left unanswered in the finale, questions swirling around in my head like: why did Arthur wake up and not help Holden? What is the pastor’s role in all of this? And why was it so easy for Holden to find that bridge for Frost? Hopefully some of these questions will be answered in the next season since Beyond has been green-lighted for season two.

Overall Beyond was off to a good start (even though it felt a bit rushed from episode 6ish on… maybe even episode 5, I can’t be sure). I know they only had 10 episodes to work with (I get it!) but sheesh, raise your hand high if you thought there would be a better execution plan, especially for the finale!

Holden lost so much: from blood to his childhood best friend Kevin, and various love interests. But by the end of the season, he was able to gain a new friend and protector in Kevin’s brother Jeff—allowing them both to make amends for putting him in that coma.

What I did like most about the show, aside from the supernatural thriller aspect, was all the real life issues incorporated into the plot. Themes like, family, divorce, friendships, relationships, death, and coping all played major parts in Beyond. Holden not only had to deal with waking up from a 12-year coma and adjusting to modern life, he also had to learn how to engage with society and rebuild relationships with friends, family, and potential lovers.

Some of my favorite episodes where these themes were portrayed best are:

  • Ep 4: The Man in the Yellow Jacket
  • Ep 5: Fancy Meeting you Here
  • Ep 7: Hour of the Wolf
  • Ep 8: Last Action Hero

The last few moments in the finale didn’t really work for me, but they did include important teasers for season two! Here’s what we know: Holden, Luke, Willa, and Jeff make it safely out of Hollow Sky’s grip. Frost is stuck in a coma since Holden destroyed the bridge. Arthur is focused on rebuilding his Realm Machine. Yellow Jacket finds Charlie (Holden’s other love interest) and offers to give her Arthur’s location, but only if she agrees to help him first. Lastly, Holden has a dream where his younger teenage self informs him of the destruction of the Realm and warns that the real world will receive the same fate if he doesn’t fix it. 

I’m looking forward to the next season and here’s hoping that the plot will be tighter and there will be more than 10 episodes. I really hope they use the same method and release all the episodes at once. Until next season, xoxo!

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