Synopsis of 1×09: Grace searches for a doctor to help Arthur, but finds the Scar and The Lucky Dragon instead. While she tries to save him, he goes on a vision quest of sorts.

With Arthur injured from last week’s gun battle, Grace is desperate to get him help – stopping just short of plummeting into the scar in her panic. Luckily, there’s an Asian restaurant conveniently located in just that middle of nowhere that they’ve ended up and she’s quick to drag Arthur inside looking for help.

The hostess insists that help is for paying customers and Grace distractedly orders the special, which the woman proceeds to feed to an unconscious Arthur. In his head, he dreams that he’s alone in the Lucky Dragon… though he’s not really alone because Aki is there to explain things to him.With his body laid out on a slab, he follows Aki down the rabbit hole while in the waking world, Grace is trying to tend to his wounds.

When she goes to collect more towels from the dining room, Grace realizes all of the other customers are frozen at their tables with glazed over white eyes. She quickly finds that Arthur has succumbed to the same thing and the hostess easily outpaces her in knife fights.

Aki informs Arthur that she’s there to help him get out of the dream he’s in, anything he learns, explores, or discovers is on him. When he notices Grace, he runs after her only to discover that they’re married with a kid in this dream of his. He’s immediately distracted and doesn’t want to leave until he notices a man on horseback in the distance.

When the man makes it to the house, it’s revealed to be the Sheriff and he kills Grace before shooting Arthur. He finds out that getting hurt in the dream will get him killed in real life before following Aki into a mock Kane Hill, revealing a different memory behind each door of the hallway.

In real life, Grace has been restrained and the hostess reveals to her that Arthur is here to face his demons. The woman tells her about the scar and how her daughter – who looks like and is named Aki – was swallowed up. She also delivers Grace the bad news: Arthur is too far gone for treatment.

From Kane Hill, Arthur stumbles through a door that brings him to PIxie Swallow and a rendering of The Last Supper made up of Blood Drivers. When he spots a key on the table, he chances disturbing the scene in order to escape his dream. Naturally, he wakes them picking up the key, but finds that he can’t free Aki to escape.

Suddenly, she breaks into maniacal laughter and morphs into Christopher. Arthur’s initial relief at seeing his friend is short lived when he’s tortured by him. Slink plays the role of the Pixie Swallow chef and assists in the torture while Arthur tries to reason with Christopher. He also reveals that they’re going to eat Arthur over and over again for eternity.

Back with Grace, she realizes the hostess has treated bullet wounds before, but any sympathy she had is immediately gone when she sees a picture of herself and Karma on the mantle. The woman knows everything about her.

When the Sheriff is heard headed towards Arthur, he takes advantage of the distraction and flees from Pixie Swallow right into a stand-off. He watches as the Sheriff shoots Slink in the head and then confronts him. The Sheriff crucifies him, which has some effect on him as Grace watches him jump up from the table momentarily.

In his mind, Arthur is looking at their car, his notebook on the hood, and a black and white television playing a video of him. In the pilot, he told Christopher the story of getting stopped by a cop when he was stealing food. After confusing him for a robot, the officer lets him go with his food after giving him a lecture. But before he can leave, the cop collapses because of the shot Arthur popped off when he was first encountered. He gives Arthur the notebook and tells him that he can make things right by figuring out the Heart Enterprises conspiracy.

The nameless cop is the one who pries Arthur down from the crucifix and tells him that he’s the only one who can make this right before handing him a gun. He shoots himself in the chest, which affects him in the real world enough that Grace has to give him some of her own blood to help him survive.

Suddenly, Grace wakes up on the table alone. Arthur’s gone, but there is a bill and a take out swan waiting for her. She follows a blood trail out of the restaurant to see her car still where it was left, but no one else around. The episode ends without her reuniting with Arthur…

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