Synopsis of 03×04: Welcome to Groundhog Day, Dark Matter style. Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, Three has been trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day.   

Three wakes up to find he has been reliving the exact same day over and over again. Android runs a thermo scan and finds nothing wrong with him. Two believes Three is experiencing deja vu; Three disagrees; Android suggests it’s the butterfly effect. Three tries to convince Two and Android each time he loops back and it doesn’t work.

In order to convince them, Three decides he needs to do something drastic so he learns French from the Android. When he loops back around he speaks to Two and the Android in French; they don’t believe him until he tells Android how to fix the ship in French. Once Androids fixes the ship she suggests Three try to do things differently to end the loop.

Three finally comforts Five (after several tries) about Six’s departure; Three spars with Solara and these new actions apparently work because the loop ends. Three decides he’s ready to talk to Sarah while the rest of the Raza crew departs for the station to stretch their legs.

Three can’t find the courage to really talk to Sarah and freaks out. When he emerges from the virtual world one of Ryo’s bounty hunters named Ashe is waiting for him and looking for the blink drive. Three fights back but somehow ends up on his knees and takes a bullet to the face. Naturally, I freaked out (because how many of the Raza crew are we really going to lose?), but thankfully the loop reset and Three woke up to relive the day. 

Three calls the entire Raza crew together to convince them about the time loop and Ryo’s bounty hunter, Ashe. Two devises a plan to capture Ashe; they dock at the station and wait for him to appear. He never comes on board the Raza through the docking stations because he can walk through walls.

Meanwhile, Adrian spots the bounty hunter and calls for back-up. Three and Ashe fight; somehow Three ends up pinned to the floor and Adrian shows up with a device and kills Ashe, resetting the time loop. Only this time, Adrian remembers; he and Three inform the Raza crew about the loop, Ryo’s bounty hunter, and the machine that might be the cause of time resetting. 

This time their plan to capture Ashe works! Two paralyzes Ashe; strips him and interrogates him. The crew learns Ryo is tracking them through the blink drive. Two asks Ashe about the tech on his suit that allows him to walk through walls; he ignores her and slips out of his cell right through the floor. Looks like it wasn’t the suit but something else that allows Ashe to walk through. 

Ashe attacks Five and knocks her out while the others are searching for him. Solara appears right after and fights Ashe; Two and Three arrive just in time to stop Ashe from getting away; leaving him planted in the ships wall. 

Android tinkers with the time looping device and believes she fixed their problem. However, she goes hopping through time loops witnessing various things like being shot by Three, watching herself cry in front of Two, and being dismantled by a scientist who wants to understand her. Finally, Android ends in a loop where Five has gray hair and gray eyes; she begs Android to destroy the machine when she makes it back and it will solve the time looping problem.

Android says she can fix it, and asks about the rest of the Raza crew; Five tells Android that everyone is dead, and events like the Dwarf Star Conspiracy, the fall of house Ishida, and meeting Android’s creator have all transpired. Before Android leaves, Five tells her she knows she will destroy the device when she gets back and she totally does, shocking the Raza crew.

Three musters up the courage to visit Sarah again. This time he actually talks to her, touches her, and they share a kiss. 

The episode ends with Ryo talking to a mystery person sitting in a chair with tubes. He claims that he hasn’t heard from Ashe; Ryo has something else up his sleeve for the Raza and I so can’t wait to figure out what it is!

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