Scorpion: Pilot Recap

[youtube=] Scorpion: Pilot (1×01) Synopsis: The pilot establishes the team of geniuses that will tackle on the complex problems of the world. Their first encounter deals with the communications at the LAX air control tower being knocked out due to a software update. The team needs to figure out how to reload […]

Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder Soar with “Rocket Girl”

Rocket Girl, Vol 1: Times Squared Author: Brandon Montclare Artists: Amy Reeder Release Date: July 22, 2014 Publisher: Image Comics Source: Bought and Owned Genre(s): Action, Sci-Fi, Drama Rating: ★★★★★ Review Spoilers: Low When I described the concept of Rocket Girl to a friend of mine after reading the first issue off of Comixology, I got laughed […]

Doctor Who: Time Heist Recap

“I still don’t understand why you’re in charge.” “Basically it’s the eyebrows.” An intergalactic bank robbery, erased memories, and a brain-melting alien: Doctor Who held no bars on the excitement level this week as the Doctor and Clara found themselves criminals in a life-threatening situation—with no recollection of how they […]

“Beautiful Darkness” just might be the bleakest fairy tale you’ll ever read

Beautiful Darkness Author: Fabien Vehlmann (Translation by Helge Dascher) Artist: Kerascoët Release Date: February 25, 2014 Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly Press Source: Borrowed from a friend Genre(s): Fantasy, Drama Rating: ★★★★☆ Review Spoilers: Low Beautiful Darkness is such a strange comic to unpack. It’s gorgeous, for sure, but it was one of those that made me […]