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A lot of changes are coming to New York Comic Con for 2017, the first of which is a limited presale opportunity for those who completed their Fan Verification profile in 2016. Following in footsteps similar to San Diego Comic Con, NYCC and ReedPOP are giving previous attendees the first crack at tickets for the upcoming year and we’ve got all the important info right here!

April 29 at 11:00 AM ET

The sale begins tomorrow at 11 AM and NYCC has confirmed that it is first come, first served. Like the SDCC days of old, it’s the fastest who prevail. There is no randomization to the process, it’s whoever clicks and completes their order first.

Check Your Email & Communicate With Friends

The tweet above shows all of the text of the email that was sent out to Fan Verified individuals. A unique link for the presale was sent out to everyone who had a Fan Verified account for 2016 and only those who also had verified accounts are able to have tickets bought for them. This means, your friends must also have been Fan Verified in 2016 to participate or have tickets bought for them. Looking for your unique link? Find instructions from NYCC here if you did not receive an email or cannot find it.

It’s important that you stay in contact with your eligible friends as well because if you try to buy a ticket for someone who has already gotten their tickets, you’ll get an error that forces you to cancel your entire order

From the NYCC Assigning Tickets Walkthrough:

THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you need to remove the ticket from your cart you need to cancel your entire order. This means that the tickets you reserved for yourself will also be cancelled. You will then be brought back to the main page (not the virtual queue but the page where you choose your tickets) to select your tickets again. There is a chance that during this time the tickets you had reserved for yourself could now be sold out. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. Avoid it at all costs by making sure that during the presale you’re:

  1. Only buying tickets for those who were also Fan Verified in 2016
  2. Talking to anyone else who in your squad to make sure you’re not double buying tickets for someone. This cancel order process also applies if you try to assign someone to a ticket that’s already been assigned. More on that soon

You’ll need the email your eligible friends used for their Fan Verification account in 2016 to assign tickets to them and remember that you can buy up to 4 tickets per type, for a total of 16. There are no more 3- and 4-day combined badges, meaning every day will have to be bought separately.

The 2017 prices currently listed on the website.

Have Payment Handy

The elimination of 3-day and 4-day combined badges means that each day will have to be bought separately for a total of $195 for 4 days. Multiply that by you and three friends and it is a hefty sum of $780 for four 4-days of NYCC. As always, make sure that you are only buying for people you know and trust (and who are Fan Verified… and who haven’t already bought tickets for themselves).

Other Resources

For your last minute questions, hit up NYCC on Twitter and peruse their tweets. There was also a six-minute Facebook Live video earlier in an attempt to answer some of the most frequent questions popping up around the presale. If you didn’t click on the link earlier, familiarize yourself with the process of assigning tickets to others. Good luck to all and remember, you are one with the NYCC presale tickets and the NYCC presale tickets are with you.

Not eligible to participate in the NYCC 2017 presale? Make sure you create a Fan Verification profile by May 3, 2017 at 12:00 PM ET in order to be eligible to participate in the general sale to be announced at a later date.

Still have questions? Check out NYCC’s FAQs or hit us up on Twitter for help!

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