NYCC 2017: Cecil Castellucci talks ‘Soupy Leaves Home,’ Hobos & The Characters That Make This OGN A Must-Read!

Soupy Leaves Home is exactly what it sounds like. A young woman from a tumultuous home decides to take control of her own life and future during Depression-era America. Pearl becomes Soupy, a young man riding the rails. She comes into contact with a host of colorful characters who help […]

NYCC 2017: The Creative Team Behind ‘Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact’ Talks About Research, Small Moments & Snacks

Born out of an interest in sharing sci-fi, action-adventure stories with his children, Matt Mair Lowery set about writing Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact. He was joined by artist Cassie Anderson, who was able to capture the smaller moments of an alien invasion, infusing plenty of emotion into the graphic novel. We […]

NYCC 2017: Syfy Wants You to Get “Happy!” with Their New Show Starring Christopher Meloni

If you are looking for Detective Stabler, look elsewhere. Syfy’s new show Happy! will have Christopher Meloni as a police officer, but not the stoic, tough-on-crime kind you might be used to. Based on the graphic novel by Grant Morrison, Happy! follows the story of a young girl kidnapped by Santa, whose […]

NYCC 2017: Wait for iiiit “Psych: The Movie” is coming this December & the cast dished on the details

Fans of Psych at New York Comic Con got a special message from Dulé Hill announcing the official air date for Psych: The Movie: December 7th, 2017. The film has been a long time coming, with fans championing the cause since the series ended in 2014 and left everyone wanting more. You can’t […]

NYCC 2017: Olan Rogers & the “Final Space” Team Talk First Season and More

Final Space rolled into New York Comic Con and introduced fans to Gary and his continuing adventures. They had a panel and a well-attended autograph signing where they were giving away promotional posters for the show. We had the chance to sit down with Olan Rogers (EP/Creator/Lead), Matt Hoklotubbe (Producer […]