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After plenty of changes last year, which included the creation of Fan Verification profiles and the elimination of VIP packages and selling of tickets in brick and mortar stores, New York Comic Con faced some growing pains that caused them to open up Fan Verification (despite assertions that they would not) and sell tickets a second time. Read all about the process in our recap of last year’s sales

This year, ReedPOP and NYCC brought even more changes to the process. 

Fan Verification

Fan Verification is the new SDCC Member ID – if you want to attend the convention, you need to have a Fan Verification profile. If you created a profile for 2016, NYCC is rewarding only those fans with a special presale for a limited number of tickets. Only fans with a 2016 Fan Verification profile will be able to purchase tickets or have tickets purchased and assigned to them during that time.

For anyone who had a Fan Verification profile, you should have received an email to confirm your account details from 2016. Once done, there is a follow-up email that explains some of the details of the presale. A unique link will arrive in your inbox approximately 48 hours before on-sale. ReedPOP and NYCC will not be announcing the on-sale date prior to 48 hours before tickets sales are live. If you don’t receive that email by March 18, email inquiry@nycomiccon.com with the email address you used last year to Fan Verify for assistance.

If you don’t already have a Fan Verification profile, registration will re-open on April 19, 2017 at 9:00 AM EST and will close on May 8, 2017 at 5:00 PM EST. Anyone who fills out a Fan Verification profile will have access to the ticket sale at a later date and only those with profiles will be able to get tickets to NYCC 2017.

3-Day and 4-Day Tickets Eliminated

After the elimination of VIP tickets last year, NYCC and ReedPOP have gone one step further and eliminated 3-Day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday combined) and 4-Day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday combined) tickets. For the first time, tickets will only be sold in single-day quantities

Construction in the Javits Center was the reason given for this change, as ReedPOP and NYCC want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend, but there is no indication that 3-Day and 4-Day tickets will return when the construction ends.

Last year, a 4-Day ticket cost $115, which was a discount of $75 over buying four days separately, and a 3-Day ticket cost $85, which was a discount of $65 over buying three days separately. This year, there are no discounts and 4 single day tickets will cost you $195 and there are no discounts

The 2017 prices currently listed on the website.

Ticket Sale Moving to the Weekend

After holding the ticket sales on Wednesday, June 29 last year, NYCC and ReedPOP are taking another page from the playbook of Comic Con International and SDCC and moving the ticket sales to the weekend. After polling their Facebook and finding that Saturday and Sunday were the most popular choices for a sale, they’re doing their best to hold the sale on the most popular day, with the second choice being reserved as a backup. 

Still confused? The NYCC team has set up an email at inquiry@nycomiccon.com or you can submit questions through their NYCC Facebook page post. They will also be hosting a Facebook Live Q&A to answer burning questions and provide any clarity around these changes and the upcoming on-sale on Monday, March 20 at 3:30 PM EDT.

Furthermore, you can check out their FAQs on the website, which answers a few more questions and clarifies Fan Verification profiles even further. It also reveals that Pro and Press applications will open on March 20, 2017

Still confused? Not sure about this new process? Just have opinions you want to share? Leave a comment or hit us up on twitter with your questions and we’ll do our best to help!

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