The 100: The 48 (2×01)

Synopsis: Clarke and her friends awaken to find themselves in an underground bunker. The adults from the Arc arrive on the ground. Lincoln and Octavia work their way towards the ocean. Jaha hears something in his final moments.

Rating: ★★★★☆

So we’re back with The 100. Note to self, do not watch these episodes at the gym.

Because, the minute Clarke broke through that decontamination room, I was going full force on the elliptical and winded myself a little during the episode (note to reader, this happens often, I need to build up my endurance). Last season we saw the introduction of the “mountain men” in the final episode as they break into the drop ship fortress and captured the majority of the kids from the Arc. This included Clarke, Jasper, and Monty.


The underground feels, and probably is, too good to be true. From the delicious food to the beautiful artwork, society doesn’t seem to have changed as much. Clarke meets the president, who is an artist like her, and no matter how much smiles and niceties he shows, there is something that we are know is wrong. We learn from the president that the people underground have to take medicine to fight the radiation poisoning, and that the people in the Arc and the Grounders have developed the immunity, the being in space had heightened their defense against radiation.

Foiled from escaping, Clarke seems to resolve to staying with Jasper and Monty. She is given art pastels from the president, but instead continues to spend time figuring out an escape. Not believing that there are no survivors on the ground, she continues to plot her escape.


Thankfully, she is right, and everyone seems to be alive. Lincoln and Octavia, having made it out finally, find out that Octavia is poisoned. Leaving to find her an antidote, Lincoln hears Octavia scream. Running back to her, he assumes she has started hallucinating, when in reality she saw a deformed man in the woods. Taking her back to his tribe, he searches for an antidote while trying to go unnoticed for fear of death.

While Lincoln and Octavia make their way back into the forest, so too do Kane and Abby and the people from the Arc. Saving Finn and Bellamy from a near death at the hands of the grounders, Kane announces that they are safe now that the adults are there. They immediately arrest Bellamy after he attacks Murphy. Not seeming to care that Murphy murdered members of the 100, they tie up Bellamy.

They managed to find Raven in time, who seems to be on her last leg and brings all of them back to the crashed Arc site. Abby leaves a message for Clarke on the ground of their location, not believing that she’s dead.


In space we see Jaha in his final moments, ready to shut down the station for good after taking one final look at the picture of his son Wells. But as all of the electronics turn off he hears a baby’s cry. Jaha is definitely not out, folks.

Time will tell what we’ll see for the rest of the season, but if this premiere and the last season tells us anything, things will be crazy and happen fast.


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