Synopsis of 4×06: Belle and Anna team up to go see the rock trolls in past Enchanted Forest times, present day Belle has a terrible secret, and the Snow Queen is up to no good.

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Enchanted Forest

Belle’s kingdom (really her parents’ kingdom) is under attack by ogres. One minute Belle is in the library saving the books with her mom, and the next she’s in a bed confused and upset. We come to find out that her mom was lost in the attack on the library, but she can’t remember any of it. Her father suggests that she never finds out, least she be stricken forever with the grief. Beyond that, magic always comes with a price, so he forbids her from going.  Instead of being a good, obedient child, Belle decides to go to Arendelle to meet with the rock trolls to get her memories back. Which is a totally reasonable thing to do just days after you were beaten by an ogre.

Anna and Elsa reunite, and Anna finds out that Elsa has learned to control her powers. The Snow Queen, also known as Aunt Ingrid, has been training Elsa. She tells Anna the terrible family secret of how she was trapped in an urn because she wasn’t understood by others. So Anna goes to discuss this with a particularly sassy Kristoff. She does bring up some very valid questions, like who is this lady, where did she come from, and what are her real intentions. Anna’s solution to all of these questions is to get Kristoff to cover for her while she goes to talk to Grand Pabbie.

Once in Arendelle she meets Oaken (YOOHOO!). Let’s stop for a moment and talk about how perfect Oaken was. Brilliantly cast, and was almost spot on. Love this guy. And the sauna references! Ugh. Perfect. I could do with just an hour of Oaken. Anyway, Belle meets an eavesdropping Anna, who agrees to take her to the rock trolls. Along the way, Anna brings up the fact that both of them have lost their mothers. Belle says she’s going to regain her memories of what happened, and Anna lets her know that the answer isn’t always what you want.

Grand Pabbie gives Belle a stone that she is to brew tea with in the place where she lost her memories. Anna then asks Pabbie about this lady that claims to be her aunt, and Pabbie breaks the news that Anna really has two aunts, Ingrid and Helga. One day Ingrid and Helga vanished, and the royal family decided to erase the memories of everyone in Arendelle so they wouldn’t remember the two girls. Anna realizes that the Snow Queen really is up to no good and rushes back to the castle with Belle. On their way, a storm brews, and tosses the travelers to the ground. Belle has a choice to make, save her memories, or save Anna from falling down the face of a cliff. Let’s just say, she didn’t make the smart choice, and Anna is taken by the Snow Queen.

"What do you want?"- Anna [ABC}
“What do you want?”- Anna [ABC}

Emma shows the crew the video that she and Hook found from her previous life with the Ice Queen. Everyone is concerned, and now there is a bigger question. Why would she want Emma? There’s also that little problem of where she is, which no one but Henry has an answer for since he’s the only one to notice the ice cream truck going around town. So now they are off to find the truck. Shouldn’t be too hard considering the town is still surrounded by an ice wall.

Once they find the truck, which was conveniently located next to the Merry Men’s camp, Emma, Hook, and Regina find a folder of papers. It’s a pretty creepy compilation of Emma’s past drawings, cards, and the news articles from when she first landed in this world. Meanwhile, Belle and Elsa look for information on Anna and Arendelle in the town records. Belle maintains her lie in not knowing anything about Anna, or Arendelle. Instead she leaves Elsa to the books while she goes off on a super mysterious task.

Before Belle can leave, Gold comes in and tries to prevent her from going to the Snow Queen’s lair. Gold refuses, so Belle resorts to using the (fake?) dagger and makes him go with her. Once there, Belle goes in alone, which we all know is a bad idea. While she searches for the item, a voice from a mirror calls to her and she unveils it. Belle then gets sucked into the mirror’s pull, which tells you your deepest fears, regrets and basically just shows all the darkness that resides within you. Gold rushes in to save her in the nick of time and whisks her back to the shop where she breaks down and tells him her darkest secrets.

Elsa discovers that she has two aunts in a book about Arendelle linage. She shows Emma and Hook, who connects the dots that Emma looks just like one of the aunts, as does Elsa. Elsa reads a scroll with a bunch of runes on it that prophesies that the savior Emma will become sisters with Ingrid. They theorized that the Snow Queen is creating a family of her own with Elsa and Emma as her sisters. Before they can get too touchy about it, Belle busts in and apologizes to Elsa for lying and hiding the fact that she knows Anna and what happened to her. Not only that, but she breaks the news about what the Snow Queen has been doing in that cage and what is about to come to Storybrooke. Looks like a lot more trouble is in store for next week’s episode. Maybe then we’ll find out just where Anna is, and if Belle ever figures out the dagger is probably a fake.

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