Things are just getting wilder in Utopia. On the bright side, the Utopians have electricity now! Granted, I’d be more worried about having running water everywhere than electricity, but to each their own. At least now they have a phone to call out for advice, food, and medical help.

This episode, we saw another Bella meltdown. It was a brilliant teaser of what is to come with her. We watched her talk to her self and reassure herself that she does know what is best when it comes to the garden. She is the one true gardener and they would all know her worth when harvest comes. She gave herself a hug and a pat. All is temporarily well in Bellaland.

Today we also witnessed the ordering of the food. Aaron, the chef, naturally took charge of this. The group decided earlier in the day what to get and how the money was going to be divided. However, when Aaron went to order, magically everything that part of the group wanted (mostly Dave and Red) was no longer included on the list. We witnessed the forming of Utopia State of Freedom, smashing of cans, and Dave’s relentless hounding of Aaron to just get some ramen. Instead they got quinoa and radishes. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have 30 ramen to eat than six radishes and a box of quinoa. Dave and Red got together, got their money from the group and bought their own. They even got oreos! TeamKweenoa all the way!

There was also a lot of SpicyVet pda. Like, a lot. It was kinda gross.

Beyond all of that, the chicken tractor was finally built, and the chickshaw is up and working! The chickens are now partly free range! The dear cows, Honey and Betsy, are still alive and well.

Thanks to the wonder of the internet, you get the added bonus of being able to watch with your favorite blog’s staff on Friday, Sept 12 for the premier part three at 8/7c. Keep a look out for the hangout link on the Twitter and Facebook! Let us know what you think about Utopia with the hashtag #nerdswatchutopia! You can watch the past live stream here!

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