This set of Knuckies were provided to Nerdophiles for review purposes only.

What are these Knuckies? Well according to their card,

They’re spinny-majiggy, grippy-mabob, standy-macaw phone handles that stop whoopsie-dropsies and slippy-flopsies.

And I would say that’s pretty damn accurate. They sound like the product that I might need because I’m a class A phone dropping klutz. If you know me then you’ve seen me drop my phone. There’s a reason I got the case I got (Tech 21 Impactology) because otherwise my phone would be a mangled mess. So how could I stop myself from dropping my phone all the damn time? By using some Knuckies. The ingenious design combines brass knuckles and ball bearings to give you a new twist on how to use your phone.

I got the Tamarind flavor and it's quite juicy. :)
I got the Tamarind flavor and it’s quite juicy. 🙂

The design of the Knuckies is solid and lightweight. It has a very ergonomic feel to it and it’ll fit both big and small fingers. The hinge is very tight, but the more it’s used the easier it will be to open/close. It is even recommended to open/close it 20 times before actual use to loosen it up.

The Knuckies allows you to spin your phone effortlessly (because you can be like, “Can your phone dance? No? Hm. Mine can!”).

This is what you get in the package. Gorilla not included.
This is what you get in the package. Gorilla not included.

It can even be used as a handy dandy stand to watch Netflix or anything on your screen at all. So for example, if you’re following a recipe, then you can follow along while your hands are kept free.

The best thing about this is you have a very secure grip on your phone while jogging or just general walking to and fro. It even folds flat when you’re not using it to keep a low profile, so it won’t create a huge bulge in your pocket. The 3M adhesive that comes with the phone is very strong and will hold on very well. If you need to remove it then you can, it leaves no residue and you get extras to reapply.

There are 10 different “flavors” that you can choose from. They’re all very vibrant and bold so you can show off your new bling.

Image from Knuckies.com
Image from Knuckies.com

What are you waiting for? Go and grab a pair because this is amazing!

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