‘Briggs Land: Lone Wolves #1’ Seeks to Preserve The Family At All Costs

Author: Brian Wood Artist: Mack Chater Colorist: Lee Loughridge Letterer: Nate Piekos Release Date: June 14, 2017 Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Genre(s): Drama Review Spoilers:  Mild Briggs Land has never been an escapist, fantasy series for readers to get lost in. Rather, it’s an uncomfortably on-the-nose, just slightly-ahead-of-its-time, politically charged exploration of the shades of gray […]

‘Winnebago Graveyard #1’ Channels the Horror Film Classics For a Truly Creepy Read

Author: Steve Niles Artist: Alison Sampson Letterer: Aditya Bidikar Colors: Stephanie Paitreau Release Date: June 14, 2017 Publisher: Image Comics Review Spoilers:  Mild Winnebago Graveyard, a new limited series from Image Comics, is a love letter to the horror genre and that’s clear from the start. From the very first page, the series begins to […]