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This Thursday, we will return back to sixteenth century France with Reign. Last season we followed Mary, Queen of Scots and her ladies-in-waiting to the French court under King Henry II for Mary’s marriage to the Dauphin, Prince Francis. In true CW tradition, the season was jammed packed action from supernatural beings in the forest to visions of death to royal sex scandals. It’s a lot to take in, so let’s review what happened last season before the season two premiere.

Things To Remember:

  • Mary is wanted by England. She is Queen of Scotland and to the Catholics of England, the rightful queen of the country compared to Elizabeth, a Protestant.
  • She is sent to marry Francis II so that France can aid Scotland in taking back the throne.
  • King Henry II has a bastard son named Sebastian, also known as Bash, by his long time mistress Diane de Poitiers.
  • Queen Catherine de Medici is told from her physician/seer Nostradamus that Mary will be the death of the Francis. But he fails to emphasize just how much undependable his visions are.
  • In the forest known as The Blood Wood there is a mysterious being called The Darkness that is worshipped by a pagan cult. Bash and his mother are both apart of this cult, though Bash is reluctant to admit it (and for good reason).
  • Mary debates between her relationship between Bash and Francis, but ultimately loves Francis, despite his sporadic callousness and crazy mother who wants Mary dead.
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  • Although they end up married, Mary and Francis had a lot between them. Including but not limited to…
    • Francis’ ex-paramour Olivia
    • Bash, though he is later married to Kenna
    • Lola, who gives birth to Francis’ illegitimate child after one steamy night.
    • Catherine and Nostradamus’ visions
  • Speaking of crazy Queen Catherine, she had an illegitimate relationship years ago with one of Henry’s subjects, and ended up pregnant with a daughter named Clarissa.
  • Clarissa, is the semi-creepy, disfigured lovechild of Catherine. In order to hide her paternity, Nostradamus tried to hide a birthmark on her face but ultimately scarred her for life. Though she is an ally of Mary’s, when Mary is up against Catherine.
  • Current status of Clarissa: Alive. Everyone by Nostradamus thinks she’s dead.
  • Speaking of deaths, we take this moment to mourn one of Mary’s ladies, Aylee.
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  • Speaking of ladies-in-waiting, here is the quick summary of each of them:
    • Greer: Fell for the kitchen boy, Leith, but couldn’t marry him because of his position. Originally engaged to Lord Julien, but she was caught kissing Leith. Later she is engaged to Lord Castleroy who sends Leith into the army. Leith ends up saving Francis’ life in battle and is given a title, money, and land. Leith proposes to Greer, but she rejects him for Castleroy.
    • Lola: Carrying Francis’ bastard child. She ended up married to Lord Julien. Who turns out to be Remy, the real Lord Julien’s secretary. He accepts Lola’s illegitimate child, but when Remy’s identity is revealed they are forced to separate.
    • Kenna: Originally wanted to be Henry’s new mistress, and she was for a while, but couldn’t measure up to Diane. Later as Henry goes insane, she is more and more reluctant to be with him. He then marries her off to his son, Bash. Despite the circumstances, the two seem to be in love.
    • Aylee: Confidant of Mary’s. Originally thought to be a kleptomaniac, instead it was just a ploy created by her and Mary to trick Catherine. Is murdered by Clarissa to prove Nostradamus’ visions.
    • Note, something fishy is going on with Lord Castleroy, but we aren’t really sure what it is?
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  • Unfortunately for everyone, King Henry slowly goes mad towards the second half of the season, and everyone is under his crazy thumb. Including Kenna and his bastard son Bash, who are forced to marry one another.
  • We still don’t know what The Darkness is, but we do know it is a human that requires blood for some kind of appeasement/sacrifice.
  • Henry’s madness forces Mary and Catherine to plan a coup together, this ends in Henry being mortally wounded by Francis’ hand. Henry dies, but regains some sanity in his last moments for some last words.
  • Francis is crowned king.
  • Lola goes into labor in the finale, and is on the brink of death. Francis is told about the paternity of the child.
  • The plague hits as this news comes to the castle, but Francis rides out to Lola despite the warnings as the gates close locking down the royals inside the castle.

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Speculations for season 2 are as follows, at least one person from the main and supporting cast will die before the mid-season break because of the plague. Lord Castleroy turns out to be evil. The Darkness is directly connected to the plague coming to the castle. Everyone is going to be be pregnant or already a parent by the end of the season. Clarissa will probably kill Catherine.

Reign returns October 2nd, 2014, this Thursday! Did we miss something in season 1 that should have been mentioned? Sound off below! Tune in every week with us for weekly recaps and speculations!


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