The Vampire Diaries is starting up again on October 2nd!

To be honest, I’ve been dreading this premiere- the show has come so far from its initial meet-cute trope with a supernatural twist premise, turning into something so convoluted that I can barely keep up with it.

Last season was all Travelers and Enzo and Other Side, oh my! but let’s hit the highlights:

Things We Should Remember:

  • Enzo and Damon had a bonding experience in a jail cell for the majority of the season with the whole Augustine vampire experiments thing before Damon killed all the Whitmores and Enzo turned off his humanity. Enzo then proceeded to be a little snot for the rest of the season and haunt Delena from the Other Side.
  • The Travelers needed Stefan and Elena to break their curse which prevents them from settling in any place.
  • The Augustines turn Damon and eventually Elena into cannibalistic vampires. I’m fairly certain this got resolved, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s just a matter of impulse control at this point.
  • The Other Side is disintegrating and taking what appears to be the majority of the cast with it.
  • Mystic Falls is now vampire-free due to the Traveler’s spell.

We might have lost Bonnie and Damon? [farfarawaysite.com]
We might have lost Bonnie and Damon? [farfarawaysite.com]
Those/Things We Lost to the Void (/Other Side)

  • Silas is presumably gone forever.
  • Katherine died after inhabiting Elena’s body after becoming human and aging prematurely.
  • Stephen, Bonnie, Tyler, Elena, Damon, Lexie, and Enzo were all trapped on the Other Side at some point.
  • Enzo and Tyler came back – Tyler lost his hybrid powers on the way over.
  • Lexie looks like she’s gone forever, which is a true shame because I love her character- the blonde females on this show need their own shows, just saying CW.
  • Damon is trapped on the Other Side but Elena and Alaric got out.
  • Damon and Bonnie get ready to face the destruction of the Other Side.

Things I desperately hope for:

  • Stefan x Caroline (Staroline?). They’re so cute, and Lexie was trying to tell him that he should take a good look at their relationship and figure out that they’d be so good together. It hurts. I live vicariously through Staroline.
    Yaaas, Caroline. [farfarawaysite.com]
    Yaaas, Caroline. [farfarawaysite.com]
  • The death of Bonnie (does that make me a bad person?). I feel like her character has run her course- she’s grown from the ingénue, went through an emotional transformation and lost herself for a while to dark magic, and then recovered to become a semi-together Anchor who knows who she is and what she wants.

Stay tuned for my recaps of the upcoming sixth season of The Vampire Diaries, which starts October 2nd on the CW!

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