The Star Trek Into Darkness announcement trailer just went live and I, like the rest of the Internet, have an uncontrollable amount of feels. Right now you can get your very first look at the upcoming sequel to the 2009 film which will hit theatres May of next year. Like it’s predecessor – except even moreso – this film appears to be a darker look at the budding career of James T. Kirk and the ongoing mission of the starship, Enterprise. It poses so many questions. Why are Kirk and Bones jumping off a cliff? How does Benedict Cumberbatch jump like that? What revenge is he trying to have? (And will he have it served cold?) Is the Enterprise now a submarine? Will Kirk take the high ground on the lava planet? Why are Uhura and Scotty crying? Is that blonde chick Nurse Chapel? Will San Francisco ever get a break?

Most importantly, though, how can any of us make it to May with this kind of a teaser? That’s so unfair, JJ Abrams.

Honestly, in my mind, this trailer makes it sound like Sherlock is stealing lines from Moriarty and I couldn’t be more excited.

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