Revisit Classic Star Trek Moments in “The Autobiography of James T. Kirk”

The Autobiography of James T. Kirk Author: David A. Goodman Release Date: September 8, 2015 Publisher: Titan Books Genre(s): Autobiography, Biography, Media Tie-In, Science Fiction Rating: ★★★★☆ Review Spoilers:  Low GoodReads | Amazon Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the Trek fan in your life? This might just be it. The Autobiography of James T. […]

Star Trek’s New Trailer Reminiscent of Avengers

[youtube=] A newly released trailer for Star Trek gives us a look into the oncoming summer blockbuster of Star Trek: Into Darkness. As Sam pointed out in her article earlier this year, there were a few similarities we saw in Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki Laufeyson. I […]