Usually when Humble Bundle releases a new, well, bundle we’re greeted by a quality line up of indie titles. They’ve crossed platforms – providing bundles for PCs and mobile phones – and even branched out into the world of ebooks. But when it comes to games the titles have pretty much consistently come from indie game studios. That’s a winning streak that THQ has sought to end. Starting about a week ago THQ began offering it’s own bundle of games via the Humble Bundle website.

We’re not going to speculate about what it means for their finances (though I have read reports that it’s helped their plumetting stock rise a bit in value) nor are we going to speculate about what a mainstream company’s parntership with Humble Bundle means (though quite a few people are unhappy with them abandoning their indie-centric preference). Instead, we’re just going to alert you of a pretty fantastic deal.

The bundle is more than worth the $5.61 it is currently sporting for Saint’s Row the Third which still retails for $19.99 on Steam. That’s pretty impressive. But the bundle also includes the hit PC games Metro 2033 and Darksiders along with Red Faction: Armageddon and a DLC pack, three Company of Heroes titles, and Titan Quest. You’ll also pick up five DRM free game soundtracks. You can, of course, pay whatever you like for the bundle but paying any less than the average will drop Saints Row the Third, Titan Quest, and the Red Faction DLC from your particular package.

And c’mon. You can put all the proceeds towards charity if you like. $5.61 is definitely worth it.

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