We’ve continuing our page-a-day calendar reviews today with a selection of calendars celebrating our four-legged best friends! Workman Publishing has a wide variety of page-a-day calendars and traditional calendars for all of you pet lovers out there. We had the chance to check out a couple of their page-a-day calendars, specifically the 365 Dogs, 365 Cats, Cat Trivia, and Dog Trivia calendars for 2023.

I love animals and currently not only have three cats but also the world’s goofiest Goldendoodle. So you better believe these calendars are right up my alley! I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend the year looking at adorable cats and dogs and learning all there is to know about them?

If these calendars don’t seem like the right one for you don’t worry. Workman Publishing has a ton of other pet and animal calendars available! Maybe you’re more of a bird person. Or maybe you’d prefer to spend the year looking at adorable sloths hanging on your wall.

Also, shout out to a few page-a-day calendars that we didn’t get to check out but think you’ll still like: the Cat Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar, the Dog Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar, the Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendar, and the Audubon Birds Page-A-Day Calendar (perfect for the bird lovers out there).

Dog Trivia and Cat Trivia

Okay, so, these may be some of my favorite calendars of the year. I’m not exaggerating – they are just that much fun! As I said before, I’m a cat lover and a dog lover so these calendars are basically made for me. The formatting is great, the content engaging. Honestly, if the adorable illustrations don’t draw you in then I don’t know what else will!

There’s a wide variety of content in both of these calendars but they follow a fairly similar pattern. Each calendar features quotes about dogs and cats, jokes, true or false challenges, trivia, and more. There are some sections that a more specific to the particular animal as they may be more relevant. For example, while they talk a bit about cat breeds and their behaviors there’s much more of an emphasis on breeds and “knowing your breeds” in the dog calendar. Meanwhile the cat calendar has a specific feature for famous cat-lovers throughout history.

I can’t tell you which of these is better because they’re both great. If you like cats more, get the cat calendar. If you like dogs more, get the dog calendar. And if you’re like me and can’t decide then I guess you’ll have to commit to flipping pages on more than one page-a-day calendar all year!

365 Dogs and 365 Cats

Now, if you’re less interested in a bunch of illustrations of cats and dogs paired with facts, trivia, and quotes and just want to see a bunch of adorable cats and dogs throughout the year then you’re in luck. The 365 Dogs and 365 Cats calendars are chock full of the cutest and fluffiest four-legged babies you could ever imagine.

Every single day features pictures of peoples’ everyday pets posing for great pictures. The photos are often accompanied by information about the featured dogs and cats themselves. However, some days feature trivia, quotes, or other little tidbits that sure to please pet lovers. But, really, the biggest draw of these calendars are the photos of real pets living their real lives. They’re very sweet calendars and I highly recommend them! They’ll no doubt bring joy to anyone who picks them. How could they not with all these adorable furry faces!?

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