We’re continuing our 2023 page-a-day calendar review series today with a couple of inspirational and affirming calendars sure to uplift anyone’s spirit as they go about their day. Most of the other calendars we’ve featured have had some sort of theme or were meant to challenge you. But these calendars are more about taking each day as it comes and being the best you that you can be.

The You Are Doing A Great Job page-a-day calendar bills itself as “daily reminders of your awesomeness” which it does well. It’s not just a series of affirming quotes or reflections, though. It’s an interactive calendar with easy, low pressure prompts that are geared towards helping you realize your own awesomeness and the awesomeness in your life.

For example, most Tuesdays the calendar features a cute little phrase or saying and a prompt to think about who it reminds you of and share it with that person. It’s a cute, fun way for you to connect with those people close to you and possibly reconnect with relationships you’ve let slip away for a bit. On Thursdays there are frequently prompts to ask yourself or someone else questions to get to know ourself or them better. Most Fridays the calendar issues fun, simple challenges like trying a new recipe, writing a poem, or journaling.

It’s a super cute calendar that perfectly balances being affirming with the kind of engaging prompts you might find in a guided journal. This is a great gift for anyone – including yourself! This is going to be a really fun, meaningful calendar to experience throughout the year.

If you’re looking for something less interactive, the Today is Going to Be A Great Day page-a-day calendar is a great choice. Each and every day comes with meaningful affirmations, inspiring quotes, and helpful reminders for you as you go about your day. There are no prompts. There is no pressure. Just feel-good quotes and afirmations every day!

Each day is also accompanied by some artwork which you could save or share if you wish. You can pin them to a cork board at your desk or give them to a co-worker. If you like the artwork, many of the pages will have the artist listed on the back so you can follow them on social media for even more of their work.

If you’re looking for calendars to put a smile on your face as they help you reflect, you can’t go wrong with either of these!

Not your style? Still want to be inspired? Workman Publishing has a handful of other calendars that we haven’t checked out for you to consider: the A Year of Zen page-a-day calendar, the Year of Self Love page-a-day-calendar, the Keep Calm and Carry On page-a-day calendar, the Year of Gratitude page-a-day calendar, or – for those who prefer a more religious angle – the 365 Bible Verses-A-Day or A Prayer for Every Day page-a-day calendars.

Take care of yourselves and remember – you’re all awesome!

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