This box was provided complimentary from Geek Fuel for review purposes only. The opinions in this review are purely my own and have not been altered in any way based on the kindness of Geek Fuel.

There’s a new subscription box in town for you geeks and nerds. Don’t care for Loot Crate? Think Nerd Block is too expensive? Is your head spinning with all the different subscriptions out there? Well, fret no more. Geek Fuel might be your answer.

Geek Fuel was started on Kickstarter. It was successfully funded at $13,545. For a pledge of $24, you would receive the monthly box, plus a special edition box. That’s a pretty darn good deal. For their regular deal the pricing is listed below.

[Souce: Geek Fuel]
[Souce: Geek Fuel]
The pricing is more than Loot Crate, but less than Nerd Block, so it’s a nice happy medium between the two. Let’s see what their Alpha Box had in store.

Geek Fuel

Alpha Box
Alpha Box

For this Alpha Box, I received a PEZ Storm Trooper candy dispenser. PEZ are pretty awesome, you just pop the head and out comes a candy. The next thing was a Princess Bride Playing Cards Deck, and it came in a nice drawstring bag. The design of the cards is a cartoon-ish style, and it’s very cute. Also in the box was a Halo Alpha Mega Block Minifigure mystery pack. There are 8 total figurines in this series. Another exclusive item is the Armor Hunters #1 comic by Valiant with a chrome cover. Last but not least, you have the limited edition Geek Fuel t-shirt. My t-shirt was 012/300, so pretty awesome. Overall, for the very first box, it wasn’t bad. It’s great that they started a kickstarter and were successful. I wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to see what else they have in store. Once they start building relations with other companies, look for the exclusives to increase.

I completely missed the Eye of Sauron poster. It’s a neat little half poster that shows a recipe for baking your own Eye of Sauron, provided by Kitchen Overlord.

Retail Value: ~$40.00
Geek Fuel Cost: $23.90
Rating: ?????

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