Nerdophiles had the pleasure of chatting with Noah Centineo aka Peter Kavinsky, about Peter’s growth and learning to forgive in To All the Boys: Always and Forever! 

This groundbreaking series chronicles the life and loves of Lara Jean “LJ” Song Covey (Lana Condor), a brilliant high-schooler who hates driving and lives in romance novels. When her younger sister Kitty (Anna Cathcart) sends out her beloved and deeply personal love letters to her former crushes, LJ goes into a spiral. In an attempt to salvage her friendships and relationship with her older sister, Margot (Janel Parrish), she enters into a fake relationship with Peter Kavinsky (Centineo) that quickly turns into real love. In this third installment, an unexpected visitor from Peter’s past tries to reconcile and thus bringing up some additional issues of trust and abandonment that drives a wedge in his relationship with LJ.

Watch our sit-down with Noah Centineo about showcasing a new side of Peter, how forgiveness impacts him, and LJ’s epic love story, and so much more!

Watch To All the Boys: Always and Forever available now on Netflix!

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