Title: The 27 Run: CRUSH
Author: Justin Zimmerman
Artists:  Russ Brown, Ethan Claunch
Pub. Date: March 10th, 2021
Publisher: A Wave Blue World
Formats: Hardback
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Review Spoilers: Low


The 27 Run: CRUSH does its predecessor proud, answering the question of how one might survive when the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. It’s simple, really: relationships. Not just romantic, though there’s a little bit of that, but The 27 Run: CRUSH focuses on the breadth of relationships, from one’s immediate companion to how they interact with the world. 

You don’t have to read The 27 Run to pick up this new volume, though in our opinion you should. Regardless, The 27 Run: CRUSH starts by introducing the reader to a girl (Beti), her dog, and their mech. There’s banter. There’s fighting obnoxious monsters that differ from the original 27 wreaking havoc on the world. And there’s a constant question of how they are going to survive. 

Enter the Pilot, and SID, two familiar characters for readers of The 27 Run. They managed to save a part of the world at the end of the last book, but not without a cost. The Pilot comes to consciousness blind, and his AI buddy’s solution gives him a new understanding of the world. It is here that another relationship forms: one between man (Pilot), and monster (the 27, in this case the one known as Krab).

All of the good vs. evil, man vs. monster that was set up previously comes crumbling down as the Pilot realizes Krab was hurting and is finally able to help him. 

Everything crashes – or, crushes, really – together when the Pilot and Beti’s paths cross. There’s a past between them that presents a challenge to overcome as they are forced to work together, along with the monsters they once fought, to deliver the killing blow to the scourge that really threatens the world. 

All of this story is wrapped up in a gorgeous package, delivered by Ethan Claunch (All We Ever Wanted) and Russell Brown (The Killing Jar). When discussing the process with writer Justin Zimmerman (www.brickerdown.com), he said that the team worked through the book page by page, wanting to ensure that every single moment had weight and could stand on its own. Paired with Fran Gamboa’s color work, The 27 Run: CRUSH really stands out with its use of a bright palette that lifts the somewhat dour circumstances our heroes find themselves in. 

Plus, the mechs are frickin’ awesome! The details put into them, down to the way they are shaded and textured, really brings them off the page. 

All in all, we have to recommend everyone picks up a copy of The 27 Run: CRUSH. You can talk to your local comic or book shop about ordering it, or can find it on Amazon HERE.

A copy of The 27 Run: CRUSH was provided by the publisher for a fair and honest review.

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