Fanfaire 2019 Returns! Feb 16th & 17th @ NYC’s High School of Art & Design

Last year was the inaugural year for the High School of Art & Design’s own take on a convention: Fanfaire. We traipsed through dungeons with Dwarven Forge’s Stefan Pokorny, walked an artist’s alley brimming with talents new and old, and attended informational panels about all aspects of the arts industry.

What could easily be one of our favorite events is back with a schedule chock full of goodness. There’s some wonderful repeats of last year, like a D&D dungeon crawl hosted once more by Stefan Pokorny, but a lot of new stuff, too.

At the top of the must-see list? Legendary artists Neal Adams and Art Spiegelman. They will be tabling, paneling, and available for fans and future artists alike.

From our experiences last year, we can tell you that Fanfaire is a really fun and intimate experience for con-goers and art aficionados. You can go one day or both days. The space is kid friendly (it is a school!) and there’s a lot of seating in the cafeteria when you need a break.

In my opinion, it is the perfect taste of a bigger show without having to put up with cumbersome crowds. The best part? Walking artist’s alley and seeing all the budding artists sharing their work with the world. For a lot of students at the High School of Art & Design, this is one of their first shows where they can exchange their heartfelt creations for a bit of money and get a taste of what the industry is like.

We’ll be there Saturday covering the dungeon crawl and support these young creative minds. We hope you will join us.

You can learn more about the event on their website, check out the schedule, and buy your tickets today!

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