Sorry For Your Loss is a show everyone should be watching. It centers around Leigh Shaw (Elizabeth Olsen) and the different stages of grief she endures after something tragic happens in her life. It doesn’t just focus on her, but it dives into alcoholism, suicide, depression, family and friend dynamics and much more. The show doesn’t shy away from anything and makes sure the audience feels every emotion.

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When you’ve lost someone you love… how do you find the way forward? Sorry For Your Loss premieres Tuesday, September 18th only on Facebook Watch.Follow Sorry For Your Loss for episodes and more.

Posted by Sorry For Your Loss on Monday, August 27, 2018

Sorry For Your Loss is a show that seems to be flying under the radar, finding a home on the relatively new Facebook Watch. The entire cast is phenomenal with Elizabeth Olsen giving an Emmy worthy performance. Alongside Olsen is Jovan Adepo, who shines as Danny, and Kelly Marie Tran, in her best role yet as Jules. The wonderful Janet McTeer plays Amy, and Mamoudou Athie gives an incredible performance as Matt.

The tragic event that happens in Leigh Shaw’s life is that her husband Matt dies. We don’t know why for quite some time, until episode 5. Episodes 1-4 focus on the many stages of grief. Leigh is angry, emotional, and distances herself from people. She often yells or gets angry with her mother and sister, Jules, a recovering alcoholic. The two sisters are instructors at their mother’s fitness studio. Her mother is divorced and trying to keep her business together. She doesn’t like Matt’s brother, Danny. Leigh used to have an advice column that she eventually can’t get back. Her best friend Drew is engaged to his boyfriend.  Leigh begins the process of trying to go back into her apartment and finally does 4 months after Matt’s death.

Leigh attends grief group with others who have suffered tragic loses in their lives as well. In episode 3 she meets someone, Becca, who puts on a show of grief in the group meeting and this causes Leigh to lash out. In the end, she realizes that she may not have known Matt as well as she thought she did. They share a beautiful moment while getting massages, Leigh holds Becca’s hand as she cries. After Leigh finds Matt’s phone, she tries to figure out the passcode.

After having her memories of the time spent with Matt and their dog she figures out the code and gets in the phone. That leads to the episode, 5, that is from Matt’s perspective. He has been dealing with depression and this episode shows us how much it affects him daily. It’s a gut-wrenching episode and one that needs to be seen by everyone. We need to talk about mental health. He ends up going hiking one morning and it’s presumed that he committed suicide, even though nobody wants to believe that.

In episode 6, Leigh throws herself a party. She seems to be trying to recover from the grief. During the party, Leigh is approached by one of her best friends, who we find out never went to Matt’s funeral. They share a tragic and painful conversation with each other. Leigh then decides to ask Danny if he thinks Matt committed suicide.

After talking to Danny, Leigh decides to talk to Danny and Matt’s mother. She intends on finding out more about Matt’s life and why he had a huge scar on his back. It becomes a heartbreaking episode because we find out that Danny and Matt lived a hard life. That scar was the result of their father pushing Matt. Leigh and her mother in law share an intense and emotional scene together.

Eventually, Danny and Leigh become a little closer after they spend a night looking at old videotapes. Danny reminds Leigh that Matt loved her and was happy.

In episode 8, it’s Leigh’s best friend Drew’s wedding. Jules gets intimate with someone in a bathroom. Jules has a lot of spotlight on her throughout all these episodes and we see her struggle with trying to remain sober and trying to have fun sober. There is temptation everywhere but she never gives in, except for this bad judgment call when she hooks up with someone in a bathroom.

In the end, Danny and Leigh dance during the wedding and Leigh breaks down. Leigh almost leaves the wedding because she feels like she can’t be there and panics instantly. Danny gets to her in time and reminds her she should go in there and enjoy the wedding for her best friend. Danny takes her away from everyone to get her to calm down and as he wipes tears from her eyes, they nearly kiss.

It’ll be interesting to see how this season ends and if they’ll decide to make another. October 9th will be when the last two episode are available to watch. Have you been watching this show? Talk to us in the comments section below!

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