Hungry for more Blindspot? We sure are. Attendees at New York Comic Con were treated to a first look at Blindspot season four, premiering this Friday on NBC. This upcoming season will be wrought with drama as Jane goes down a new, dark path. 

NBC treated us to a free Kendo lesson up in East Harlem at Sword Class NYC during NYCC weekend. The class gave attendees a taste of what we see briefly in the trailer – what it means to fight with swords. Star Jamie Alexander and her wonderful stunt double Heidi Germaine Schnappauf joined us for the class. 

As someone who had never done Kendo before, I had a renewed respect for the work that goes into creating realistic sword fights on television. Watching Jamie and Heidi work as we shouted “men!” and hit each other with bamboo swords was a fun way to get into season four. 

Jamie unfortunately had to leave early but shared her excitement for the new season. Heidi, however, stuck around afterward to discuss a bit about her career as a stunt double. It is so rare that we as press get the chance to interview someone like Heidi. Listening to her stories about stunt doubling was enlightening. 

Apparently she joined Blindspot after recovering from a relatively serious neck injury. The stunts you see done in the series by both actors and stunt doubles come with the same risk athletes often face. Despite injury, Heidi is clearly a master of her craft and shared stories of getting thrown into concrete and a small dose of her typical training schedule. 

All in all, we were delighted to preview the upcoming season of Blindspot. We’re ready to refresh our Kendo skills during the premiere, and beyond!

Blindspot season 4 will air on NBC Friday, October 12th, 2018 at 8/7c.

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