The Walking Dead: Us (4×15)

Synopsis: Glenn’s group continues the search for Maggie, putting everyone else at risk while doing so, while Daryl learns the rules of his new group.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Eugene and his mullet of knowledge give Abraham a good run for his money as my favorite sometimes, as he opens the episode by talking theoretically about dinosaurs and the infection – in a nerd’s attempt to impress Tara. I love it. Abraham and Tara do more bonding as they sit watch through the night. In the morning, they come across one of Maggie’s signs that tell Glenn to head to Terminus. At which point, Glenn just starts running like a crazy person. His increasingly manic behavior to get to her has worn out its welcome.

We get a whole three minutes of Rick, Carl, and Michonne after not having seen them for three episodes. Carl and Michonne have a bet going on about which one of them will fall off their respective railroad track first. Michonne loses and is forced to give up her last Big Cat candy bar to Carl, who ends up sharing it with her anyway. It’s a nice moment of brevity for them on their way to Terminus.

These two have reached an understanding... of sorts.
These two have reached an understanding… of sorts.

Joe’s group wakes up in the morning, thinking Daryl has abandoned them, only to realize his stuff is still there. Len, the other bowman, shoots the same rabbit that Daryl has been hunting all morning and is using the rules of “claimed,” which Daryl is having none of. Joe steps in to stop Daryl from attacking Len with a knife and explains the rules of “claimed.” Basically, this group functions with no lying, no stealing, and if you want something, you just say “claimed” and no one else can argue. Joe doesn’t fault Daryl for his first infraction, despite Len’s protests, and splits the rabbit in half.

Abraham, the dear voice of reason, is trying to get his group to rest near a tower. While arguing about it, a walker falls from the upper part of the tower and Tara is injured from a fall in the chaos. She tells Glenn she can keep going, despite her limping, and Rosita calls him an ass for manipulating her feelings of being indebted to him. Glenn offers up his riot gear to Eugene to quiet Abraham’s concerns about keeping him safe and, with that stipulation, they continue going forward. Rosita points out everyone wins but Tara in this situation.

Pragmatically, Joe's rules make a lot of sense.
Pragmatically, Joe’s rules make a lot of sense.

The group stops in front of a darkened tunnel. Glenn, making another obnoxiously terrible tactical move, wants to push through – despite the sounds of walkers inside – because it would take a day to go around. Abraham wants to take the day and go around, Glenn doesn’t, and this is where they part ways. He gives Glenn two cans of food and a flashlight and, in parting, Rosita hugs them goodbye, reminding Glenn not to be an ass, and Eugene learns that Tara likes girls in his attempt to compliment/remind her that she is very hot. Abraham leaves them with their plans of finding a vehicle and heading to DC and stupid Glenn rushes into the dark with a limping Tara.

Glenn tries to relate to Tara’s feelings by telling her how he felt numb after everything happened. She shares that she had a bad feeling about Brian (The Governor!) all along. She saw her girlfriend, her niece, and her sister all die at the prison. Tara tells him that despite all that, it was the worst seeing what he did to Maggie’s father, she wanted to shout no and stop it, but we all know how that turned out.

Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene say goodbye to Glenn and Tara. Nothing could possibly go wrong!
Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene say goodbye to Glenn and Tara. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Daryl is getting another lecture about the rules and the consequences – people who break them get beat – of the group, still trying to avoid being considered part of their group. Joe shares with him that he’s a cat person and that there’s nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he’s an indoor cat just before they go into the warehouse they’re holing up in for the night. Everyone claims a car but Daryl and he ends up camping out in the middle of the floor.

Tara and Glenn reach the walkers, finding some of them stuck under a ceiling collapse, but more free ones behind the piles of rocks. Panicked, Glenn climbs atop the debris to see if any of the walkers are Maggie. He doesn’t see her, but wants to continue to push through the crowd of walkers. This is such a terrible, reckless idea that I can hardly watch it. How’s Tara going to get through with her limp? Regardless of intelligence, they set up something to distract the walkers and begin creeping over the piles of rubble. Glenn makes it, but Tara stumbles, pinning herself down under heavy concrete.

Oh wait...
Oh wait…

Meanwhile, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene find a van with a lone walker inside. Abraham kills the woman and then runs the wipers to get rid of the message in dust that asked them to “Leave Momma Be.” While Abraham sleeps, Eugene is navigating for Rosita, sneakily bringing them back to the opposite side of the tunnel, as he calculated this is where Glenn and Tara would end up if they made it through safely. He shares with Rosita that even after he saves the world, he still has to live with himself. But this begs the question, why didn’t they all just get a vehicle in the first place?

Now all of a sudden Glenn is concerned about her safety, refusing to leave her even as the walkers close in. He shoots a few, but runs out of bullets just as someone tells him to get down. A group opens fire on the walkers, killing them all, and it turns out to be Abraham’s group, as well as Maggie, Bob, and Sasha. Glenn and Maggie are reunited and now maybe Glenn will stop acting like such a reckless psycho. I feel like Maggie should remember Tara from the group that killed her father, but she shows no recognition (hey, she doesn’t even remember she has a sister!) and hugs Tara, accepting Glenn’s story about finding her on the road.

Now maybe Glenn can start being a non-shitty leader.
Now maybe Glenn can start being a non-shitty leader.

Sasha and Bob are surprised to learn of Abraham’s mission to get Eugene to DC. Tara wants to go with them, and so does Sasha, but only after she’s seen Terminus. Eugene doesn’t think they’ll make it in the minivan they found, so Abraham relents and agrees to their plans to visit Terminus before leaving for DC. That night, Maggie tells Glenn about how she caused the ceiling collapse when the walkers came after them. She also convinces him to burn that picture of her because he “won’t ever need a picture again,” which is some bullshit, as well as stupid. Let the man have his one picture.

Len starts yelling about Daryl taking his half of the rabbit, but Daryl claims it was planted on him. After Joe questions Len and he stands by his story, the group beats Len because he lied. Joe saw him plant the rabbit on Daryl. In the morning, when the group is leaving the warehouse, Daryl finds Len dead outside with an arrow through his eye. He stops short of covering the man up before he leaves. Joe and Daryl continue to bond over “white lightning” and he explains that they’re headed to Terminus after a guy (Rick!) killed one of their own and left him to kill the rest of them. They tracked him to the sign and set off towards Terminus to have a reckoning.

Well things can't get WORSE... (they totally can)
Well things can’t get WORSE… (they totally can)

In the last shot, Glenn’s group has made it to Terminus. They travel through some unnervingly unguarded fences, past signs that urge them to put down their weapons, through growing vegetation and calm to find a woman. She welcomes them to Terminus, introduces herself as Mary, and offers to make them a plate…

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      1. Yup. Exactly. Or it could be like in the Telltale game where the group member is being kept alive and just having bits and pieces cut off now and again so the meat doesn’t spoil. Then they either have to put her down or deal with a Beth with no legs or arms. (This show really does not like little girls.)

        1. I’m pretty sure it happens to Dale in the comics, right? It’s been so long since I read them, but I swear they find like a campfire and Dale alive with no arms and legs…

          1. I though Dale died when they tried to amputate his over leg because his dumb ass got bit again? But I do think I know what you are talking about.

          2. Maybe it was Hershel that got cannibalized. I vaguely recall it being some old white guy they BBQ’d…

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