Synopsis of 2×04: Things start heating up on Dirk Gently! This week’s episode got the ball rolling on some seriously cool plots and worlds start to meld.

This week starts with Dirk in the house sliding down a hidden slide. How very Dirk-like. And of course this means that Sherlock and Todd have to go looking for him! Except Dirk’s not where we think he is. He’s in the house… within the house! It’s the title. Spooooooky!

The house Dirk is trapped in is colorful, Christmas-y, creepy, and haunted by none other than a One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater. There’s also a phone cord that stretches to eternity, and a bleeding table that’s been stabbed with a pair of scissors. This was certainly one of the creepiest episodes thus far. But it’s got a real Doctor Who campy vibe to it. And it did help Dirk get one step closer to solving the case.

The case! Don’t forget, he has to find the boy. Too bad Amanda beat him to the punch. Amanda and Vogel fell through the shower and straight into Wendimoore. The Wendimoore plot is finally beginning to make sense. Mostly because it gets spelled out by none other than the boy himself, Farson Dengdamor.

You see, he’s been captured by the Mage’s henchmen. And so have Amanda and Vogel, along with a rainbow-haired creature who I’m sure will come back into play later. It’s always the small revelations that link the mystery together. This one is that the boy ran away to help the warring factions, only to become a pawn in the Mage’s game. Now he’s hanging with Amanda and Vogel.

Let’s talk about Amanda. For a whole season she was treated with kid gloves because of her disease. She found a cure and some powers through the Rowdy Three. Now, in Wendimoore, her pararibulitis is a gift. Whatever happens to her isn’t in her head; it’s real and she can control it. So when henchmen come to hurt Vogel, she hurts them instead. I love the idea that invisible illness in our world is a supernatural power in another. We knew she was important and “the woman who sees all.” But this takes it to a whole new level.

Farrah and Tina are having their own adventures, checking out for the Bergsberg Book Club disappearance. All the ladies have been turned to piles of sand. And Farrah’s smart enough to notice that there are 5 wine glasses and 4 sand piles. Tina pieces together that it must be Suzie. They’re a regular ol’ Cagney-and-Lacey!

But when they arrive at Suzie’s, she doesn’t seem to be home. More on that later. What keeps them from breaking into to Suzie’s house is Sherlock calling them back to identify if the scissors Dirk found are in fact the murder weapon. Of course they are, but these are new scissors and those are 50 years of dead bodies. How is that possible? Good thing we already know who uses scissors and weapons.

So Suzie’s been lying in bed watching the video she took of the Mage using magic (see last week’s episode). Her husband is still a zombie, and her son is still an asshole, though she’s coming into her own dealing with him. But it’s the Mage’s sneak attack that put Suzie out of sorts. Then again, Suzie doesn’t need a whole lot of persuading to work with the Mage. It’s almost like she’s been a surprising, raging bitch this whole time! First order of business: kill Dirk Gently.

And where can she find Dirk? Dirk and crew, with Prince Panto in tow, return to the house. Like a classic horror film, all the answers they need are written on the walls in the form of children’s drawings. Again, creeeeeeppppyyyyy! What does it all mean? We’ll find out next week!

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