The format of Revolution seems to be shift to something akin to Game of Thrones formatting for their episodes.

We’ve got three groups of people right now who are all pretty much off on their own little adventures or storylines with very little connecting them. First, we’ve got Miles, Nora, and Charlie who are on their way to Georgia to stop a nuclear bomb. Then we’ve got Rachel and Aaron on their way to “the tower” in Colorado or something. (I forget where it is.) And then we’ve got Monroe and his lackeys. And we shift back and forth between the three groups.

So, let’s start with Monroe. He’s just realized that Tom Neville and his wife are gone. He takes his anger out on one of Tom’s closer alleys and then focuses on the whole nuclear bomb in Georgia thing. Georgia, it turns out, is one of the most wealthy nations in what used to be the United States. They have tall ships that trade with European countries and they have some of the best farming land available. With theAnyway Monroe Republic and Texas on either side they have had to develop themselves into a pretty solid nation. Monroe wants their wealth and resources. And apparently he intends to take them over by blowing the Capitol (which I think is Charleston?) sky high. Becuase, yeah, the nuclear fallout isn’t going to screw you over, too, Monroe. C’mon. Think, man.

Anyway, the person they sent down to Georgia to set off the nuke is another person from Miles’s past. Because apparently Miles knows everyone and has some how screwed over everyone. This young man in particular, though, got really screwed over by him. See, Miles had taken this kid under his wing when he was a general in the Monroe army and he actually really seemed to care about him. To a point anyway. He gave the kid his family’s lucky knife that every military man had taken with them as a lucky talisman. Basically took this plucky orphan and taught him what he knew.

Of course then when the kid screwed up a mission and failed to kill a Texas dignitary Miles gave the kid over to the Texans to avoid a war the Monroe Republic couldn’t win. And when the kid got out he came back and found that Miles had tried to kill Monroe and basically screwed up everything they had ever worked for. I get it kid. You have every right to be upset. Going back to Monroe and agreeing to blow yourself up with a bomb? I dunno…

When Miles goes after him they get into a fight and then the kid quickly frames Miles for the murder of a police officer. Which gets the other cops coming running. They arrest him but he doesn’t stay detained for long. When the president of Georgia realizes who he is she has him brought to her and they chat for a bit. Because, you know. Miles knows literally everyone in the world. She lets him go, he tracks down the kid, and has to kill him. Which makes him all angsty and he withdraws from Charlie a bit. We also get some allusion to something he did to Rachel in the past again which, you know, we’ve been teased with all season. Eventually they’ll tell us. Probably.


The president calls Miles backand his like, “You’re a general, Miles. Be a general again. Take my men into the Monroe Republic to join the rebels and let’s take down Monroe.”

No word yet on what he says about that.

Lastly, we have Rachel. She tracks down an old friend of hers who has this like crazy machine that literally melts people. Like seriously. She melts some Monroe soldiers who are about to mess up her and Aaron. Then they go back to this woman’s cabin where she and her wife have been living. Rachel knows this woman can help her get the lights back on. The problem is that the nanites we learned about earlier in the series? They are not only keeping the power off but they are keeping this woman’s wife alive, too. They are eating away at the stage four cancer she’s had for like a decade now. It’s also the same thing that was keeping Danny alive. But now Danny is dead and Rachel finally realizes that turning the power off because the crazy guy (Russell/Randall/whatever) told them to and because it would save her son was a very stupid idea.

Plus now with nukes in play again now that Monroe has power… time to even the playing field. But this lady is not about to give up her wife. Luckily the wife overheard it all and makes her help Rachel. And she and Aaron prep to go turn the power back on or something. I’m just… really worried about Aaron. I seriously don’t think he’s going to make it. I’m just waiting for him to bite it and I know that when he does I won’t be surprised but I will be… I don’t know if sad is the right word. But it’ll be sort of sad.

Aaron is totally me. I might have just bought the Zombies, Run! Season 2 Season Pass but let’s be real. I’m not going to use it. I’m such a fat ass. Aaron is legit me.

Anyway, I’ve bee pretty critical of this show for a while. I mean, I watch it. It’s not that bad. But I don’t particularly like it that much. This week’s episode though has made it grow on me. It’s taken fourteen episodes but I think it’s starting to show it’s potential. It is moving a bit fast, though. But hey. I’m just glad that they are getting out of the Monroe Republic and checking out some of the rest of the remains of the US.

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