As someone who unabashedly loved Pretty Little Liars and half (well, probably closer to a quarter) of The Vampire Diaries, I have no shame in saying that Dynasty is my new favorite tv show.

The void is filled. It’s like all my closest-held Gossip Girl dreams came true!

Just like those three shows, Dynasty features a spattering of familiar actors, a scoop of young-adult misbehavior, and a splash of high-powered scheming. It’s a booze-soaked recipe for success, y’all. 

I’m also calling it now: Elizabeth Gillies is the real break out star of Victorious. Sorry, not sorry, Ariana Grande. There’s a new Dangerous Woman on the small screen, and I’m just not that Into You anymore (jk you’re amazing, but Gillies is absolutely stunning).

Dynasty revolves around the lives of the Carrington family, the heads of a powerful conglomerate with an unhealthy global market share of the electricity industry. Fallon Carrington, played by the incomparable Elizabeth Gillies, is a whip-smart, biting, sarcastic acquisitions professional who trades in industry secrets and back-room relationships. Her plans to inherit the company as COO are derailed when her father marries Krystle, a PR professional at the company who appears to have a heart-of-gold.

When Krystle’s former lover is murdered at a Carrington surveying site on her wedding night, the family scrambles to regroup and rebrand, while Fallon maneuvers her way to corporate ascension.  Along the way, we’re acquainted with Krystle’s nephew, Sam Flores, who hooks up with Fallon’s brother, Steven. Sam indicates that Krystle’s past isn’t as it appears, and warns Steven to be careful.

Two episodes in, it’s already clear that Dynasty is going to be another gem in the CW’s crown of pulpy, gossipy dramas. It’s the best parts of Gossip Girl combined with power plays a-la-House of Cards featuring stellar acting from cable television veterans. It’s visually gorgeous: the sets, the makeup, the clothing is enticing, and the writing is top notch. Dynasty is soapy without too many suds, and definitely the network’s next breakout hit.

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