Supernatural: The Next Generation, anyone?

On the scent of suspected vampire attacks, the Winchesters are shown security footage of what the police think is some sort of cult activity. What it actually is is three teenagers taking out a vamp, and one of them is an old friend – Krissy Chambers.

Last season, Krissy’s father, Lee, had gone missing while hunting Vetalas, and the brothers help get him back. The Chambers had planned to get away from hunting so Krissy could have a normal life. They succeeded for a while, until Krissy came home to find her father killed by a vampire.

And so the story goes for the other two hunters as well, Josephine and Aidan. The three were then recruited by a hunter named Victor Rogers, who Sam and Dean once worked a job with. If Victor looks familiar to you, however, it’s not because we’ve seen Victor before. Rather, the actor, Adrian Hough, appeared in the Supernatural episode “Something Wicked” in season one. He played Dr. Hydecker, who was actually a child-killing Shtriga. We may be in season eight, but all the recent returning actors haven’t gone unnoticed.

So Victor appears to be taking good care of the young hunters, keeping them fed, making sure their schoolwork gets done, all that parental stuff. Victor lost his family too, and has found a new one, insisting that he’s going to help make Krissy, Josephine, and Aidan into better hunters than the hunters now. But something’s off, and it’s not just that Victor had the nerve to insult Bobby (and Garth) in his speech about the inadequacy of their generation of hunters.

For starters, the Winchesters catch up with the teen hunters just in time to see them take down the second of the three vampires responsible for the deaths of the families (the first vamp supposedly killed Aidan’s family, and the second Josephine’s). In his last moments, the second vampire denies killing anyone, but to no avail. Dean also notices that the vamp had been trying to escape into a blue van.

Are you ready for compounding tragedy? Of course you are, you’re a Supernatural fan. Turns out, Victor had his sights set on Krissy, Josephine, and Aidan as the hunters of the future, and partnered up with a vampire. The vampire killed the families, and then turned people who Victor would then say were the vampires responsible for their families’ deaths. The kids built up their skills with Victor and hunted down these newly turned vamps, getting their vengeance.

Once the truth is out, Krissy kills the vampire who was actually responsible (with impressive precision, I might add), but spares Victor, just firing an unloaded gun at him to scare him. But with everything lost, Victor takes his own loaded gun and kills himself.

Dean offers to take Krissy to her aunts, but she wants to stick with Josephine and Aidan. For all her calling him old and a dweeb, Krissy really appreciates Dean looking out for her, and they have a really sweet moment before parting ways again. And while I would totally watch a spin-off about our three young hunters, Dean makes a good point: if he and Sam close the gates of hell, they may not have to grow up hunting. They’d get to have a normal life. That goes for Sam and Dean as well.

We’ll see how the second trial goes next week.


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