Synopsis of 03×01: Last season Lucifer woke up in the middle of the desert with his wings back in place. When he tries to follow-up with Chloe about who he really is, he realizes the wings are not the only thing that is awry. 

At the end of season two fans were left wondering what happened to Lucifer after he was kidnapped and left in the middle of the desert. A bit burned up and dealing with the fact he has his wings back, he got picked up by an armored truck driver. 

The driver turned out to be our friend from the beginning of season two, the jewelry thief that Lucifer and Amenadiel busted while looking for their mother. He struck a deal: Lucifer would take the truck and the thief would get to run free. 

Meeting the police after he turned the truck back toward Los Angeles, he skated by with a connection to Chloe Decker and made it back home. The first thing he did was invite a still-recovering Dr. Linda Martin over in order to persuade her to help him cut off his wings. Maze did it last time, but she was not available. 

Linda, not eager to go toe-to-toe with a god or goddess again anytime soon, turned him down. If it was God’s plan, who was she to try and mess with it? 

At the station Lucifer appeared and no one seemed worried about his disappearance. Who could blame them? This is hardly the first time he’s disappeared without an explanation. However, after trying to convince Chloe that he had been abducted, he got her to agree to go out to the desert where he had woken up. 

She believed him after they found a body out there and the investigation really began. 

Working with the Lancaster Police Department, which was difficult at best, the detectives only found one piece of evidence in the sand – a key chain with a hotel room key on it. It was in the desert that the audience was brought up to speed about the new Lieutenant at the station and everyone except Ella was less-than-eager to meet him. 

Lt. Pierce (Tom Welling) turned out to be what everyone expected him to be: a less-than-pleasant hard-ass. He ran through a list of the team’s failings before retreating back to his office. Nice dude. 

Amenadiel tracked Lucifer down at the station and wanted to know what happened to their mom. Cue an awkward exchange where Lucifer, without much emotion, admitted he opened a portal and pushed her through it. As a consolation prize he offered Amenadiel his necklace back and congratulated him on his renewed powers. 

One problem: his powers were not actually back. It was a one-time fluke, nothing more, and Lucifer kept silent about the fact that his own wings had appeared. 

Fingerprints on the key chain found at the scene led them to a swanky building owned by a gentleman named Josh, whose fingerprints were all over the key chains. Josh did not appear to take Chloe or Lucifer’s claims very seriously and led them on a chase, after which Lucifer tossed the guy off the roof into the pool below. 

At the station, Josh finally took it all seriously. He admitted he thought the dead man, his friend Steve, was pulling a prank on him in retaliation for his own latest prank. He had hired a company to kidnap Steve, take him out to the desert, drop him off for a bit, then pick him back up and return him safely home. Obviously things did not go as planned, but he did not want him dead. 

In an attempt to be nice to Amenadiel, Lucifer got him a massage with a lady named Remedy. While going to grab a bigger towel he found the remains of Lucifer’s latest pair of wings which he apparently cut off himself and left on the floor. 

Ella, with her CSI magic was able to lift tire treads from a dead rock squirrel they found at the scene of the crime. While they ran down that lead, Decker wanted to explore Lucifer’s connection to the whole thing and he said he wanted to show her who he really was, finally. 

In classic Lucifer fashion, it did not work. He could not pull his devil face and Decker once again was hurt because she thought he was not taking their friendship or her support seriously. 

Pierce was unhappy with the investigation’s dead end, so Dan and Chloe hatched a plan. They would use Dan as bait to hire the kidnappers and then turn around and pick them up to interrogate them. Dan, sad about Charlotte, got the soft end of Chloe and Lucifer’s wits for the sting even though there was a rift between him and Lucifer about the whole thing. 

In a wonderful side-scene, Amenadiel searched the station looking for Lucifer and instead found Ella, who was instantly smitten. He noticed that she had made a little box-coffin for Leo the dead rock squirrel and that it had a cross on it. They had a conversation about faith and she said that whatever he was going through is part of God’s plan and that he just had to “have faith.” 

The kidnapping scheme did not go as planned because at the last minute Lucifer changed who was supposed to be kidnapped from Dan to him. They took him to a warehouse and tried to torture him, which backfired. He got an address for the real mind behind Steve’s death and Lucifer’s kidnapping. 

Arriving at the address, around the same time the detectives realized that the gentleman who found the key chain on the scene was not a Lancaster PD detective, Lucifer confronted Sam about the plot to kidnap him. He wanted to know what the plan was, what he did to give Lucifer back his wings and take away his devil-face. 

Sam admitted that the one behind it all was someone named “Sinnerman”; because of course it would be. Even more confused than he was before, Lucifer did not get a chance to dig in because Decker showed up and arrested Sam. When they returned to the station, Decker slid in to defend Lucifer against Lt. Pierce, who actually was just there to tell her the perp was released on bail. 

Lucifer wanted to know how he got out and the answer was that Sam must have “friends in high places.” Oh if only they knew. Unfortunately for Sam it was not a good thing he was released on bail. 

Back at Lucifer’s penthouse Amenadiel was waiting for him to confront him about his wings. He said he was mad at himself for being the type of person that Lucifer did not feel he could confide in. Ego should not be an issue, but it was clear it still was when Lucifer revealed that his wings had grown back even after he cut them off. 

Lucifer shared that his wings were back and he had lost his devil-face, and Amenadiel pointed out that maybe he had been forgiven. “If you can be redeemed that means anyone can. Now isn’t that divine?” 

A little less divine was Lucifer and Decker finding Sam’s body impaled under a pier, no doubt the work of the mysterious Sinnerman. The mystery grows. 

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