Synopsis of 3×04: When Amaru puts Scott Fuller in her sights, the Geckos and their team must defend him against Brasa’s most lethal fighters yet – Jaguar Warriors from hell.


I will never not appreciate the pun of Fanglorious.

I will never not appreciate that there’s a Christian rock band named Fanglorious with Scott Fuller as a front man.

God, I love this show sometimes. We finally close in on Scott after a couple of episodes without seeing him and he’s in a Christian rock band of other culebras called Fanglorious. He uses his power to identify lowlifes and creeps before chowing down on them with his bandmates. It’s interesting how this show portrays culebras who play judge, jury, and executioner as the good guys. If that’s the best we can do, it tells you a lot about how bad the bad guys can be.

This scene of Scott’s band chowing down on a probable-murderer-rapist is paralleled to Richie doing the same to a man who murdered his wife. While most culebras feed off of the scum of the earth for survival, Richie seems to be doing it educational purposes. It’s a little worrying. We see him kill a couple of people in this episode not to feed, but to take their abilities from them through their blood. Looks like we’ve got two addicts in the Gecko family.

Meanwhile, Scott bumps into Amaru, except it’s not actually Amaru. Somehow Kate has broken through and seems very much alive and in prison inside of her own body. She warns Scott to keep away from her the next time he sees her, and when she touches him she starts to infect him the same way she did to Manola. Before she can fully suck out his soul, Freddie stops her and shoots her before grabbing a seemingly rabid Scott.

Bringing him back to the Geckos, the gang’s all teamed up again as they hear the story of what happened from Scott. Richie thinks Kate is still in there, but Seth doesn’t dare hope it. Both of the brothers feel a measure of guilt for what happened to the girl they picked up after her family fell apart.

And while Kate is certainly the main concern right now, Amaru and Brasa are gunning full time for the Geckos and company. Brasa is apparently a sun god — but not the sun god? — and conjures up some of his jaguar warriors to infiltrate the base and take back Scott. They’re unsuccessful, but Brasa and Amaru have something else up their sleeve.

I also really enjoyed the exposition of who the warriors are as written by Tanner. He’s such a douchebag of course he’d write purple prose douchebag literature.

Going back to his band, the team seems to turn against Scott, and after killing one of his bandmates, he realizes that they aren’t really safe with him anymore. He feels guilty for having a hand in Kate’s death and tells his bandmates to hit the road as he brings back the swords for a showdown with Amaru. I’m enjoying the overall theme of guilt over how everyone treated Kate last season. From being Seth’s makeshift partner to Scott’s guardian angel, was a verifiable saint before they essentially threw her to the dogs.

Using Scott to lure Amaru out, they attempt to capture her, but in a prolonged fight against Brasa and Amaru and the warriors (in which we find out Brasa is FIREPROOF!?) Seth finally comes face to face with Amaru. Everyone else has seen Kate up ’till this point, and when Seth finally faces her he manages to keep up a brave face for about half a second. But when Scott stabs her, Kate seems to bubble to the surface again and despite her pleading for him to kill her, he just can’t and he lets his guard down.

You gotta hand it to DJ Cotrona and Madison Davenport, I was basically clutching my pearls at that point hoping for something good but knowing I’d get something bad.

Amaru grabs a hold of Seth and nearly drains him before Scott is able to save his ass and they retreat, barely surviving the encounter.

The whole episode is framed by a scene after the events of the showdown with Amaru and Brasa, as Richie is drinking in his own bar and hitting on a pretty blonde doctor. Of course, we know the doctor is actually Dakota Block aka Dakota McGraw aka Earl McGraw’s daughter. Also, I’m somehow the latest one to the party in seeing the connection to Planet Terror with Dakota Block. I love it.

She’s after revenge for her dad and without hesitating, takes out her shotgun and shoots Richie in the chest. Of course, he’s a culebra and can’t die from a mere gunshot and manages to make it out alive. But I guess now their faked death is null and void.


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