Synopsis of 6×04: While Dany is entering the unknown, Tyrion is doing the same in his own way; Bran, Arya, and Jon learn about the magic of this world and how revealing it can be to themselves and to others; the Lannisters face the fact that they are no longer in power.

Rating:★★★★★ (Finally!)

Let me just preface with this before I start; I love the Starks more than anything in this “Game of Thrones” world. Through it all — the murders, the deaths, the battles, and sexual assault — the Starks love for each other and desire to return home has been a high point for most of the series.  Let me also state that this episode was about reunions, and it was absolutely wonderful.

SO LET’S START WITH THEM! As Jon is contemplating where he’ll go after renouncing his title, there is a rumble outside. Everyone outside is yelling to open the gates immediately and to not question them, and when they open the gates they are stunned to silence over who they see.

Sansa rides in behind Brienne and Pod, cold and forlorn. As the three of them are led to the center of the base, Jon walks out to see who the visitors are. When he sees Sansa’s red hair, his emotions are apparent like none other. The two walk slowly towards each other before running and wrapping their arms around each other in the tightest hug either of them have given in all of their life. They are together, and finally, Sansa is safe. The two reunite and Sansa apologizes for being so horrid to him before they parted, tensions are low and things seem to be looking good.

Outside, Davos and Melisandre discuss what they will do moving forward, Melisandre admitting that her belief that Stannis was the next king was wrong. As they talk though, Brienne walks up knowing exactly who Melisandre is. As Davos asks what happened Brienne lets Melisande know that she will never forgive her for what she did to Renly Baratheon. Davos demands to know what Brienne knows of Shireen Baratheon’s fate and Stannis’ and Brienne is more than happy to tell him how Melisandre burned Shireen to ensure a victory, but that had failed because she was the one to deal Stannis his final blow. Davos is shocked, and Brienne walks off. Also, how great were Tormund’s glances to Brienne over dinner? Very great.

During that dinner though, they receive some horrid news. After killing Osha as she attempted to kill him herself he sends a letter off to the Wall letting him know that he has Rickon in his dungeon. Jon finds the letter too horrid to read but Sansa takes it from his hands, showing her maturity after all the things she’s been through. It is then that it’s decided. They are going to fight Ramsay and they are going to take back Winterfell and save their brother.

Other siblings are reunited this episode too. Yara and Theon’s reunion was a horrible one filled with resentment and regret. Yara demands to know why Theon would come back and wants him to know how many of her men died to save him. She’s disgusted to see him, especially right when the Kingsmoot is about to begin. Theon tells her that he doesn’t want the title, and that he will support her through the entire process.

As Cersei and Lady Olenna plot together to try and save their familes, the High Sparrow has his own plans for the Tyrells. After telling Margery of his previous life, one filled with sin and debauchery, he allows her to go see his brother. When she sees him she is shocked — he is beaten beyond recognition and in the midst of losing his mind. As Margery tells him that he needs to remain strong and never give up Loras cries into her arms and begs her to make it stop. He will do and say whatever he needs to for the pain to stop.

But while Dany did not have a familial reunion, she was reunited with the flame that gave her her original strength. The Dothraki have left her with the widows of other Khals and she is learning a lot about their past and their various origins. As another young widow tells Dany of how her Khal married her when she was 12, and that broken ribs were a common occurrence with him. Dany tells her she’s glad he died early, and the other Khaleesi smiles and shyly agrees.

Outside, Dany is reunited with Jorah and Daario (who now knows of Jorah’s Greyscale). When they tell her that they will do whatever possible to save her, she tells them to stand aside, and that she knows exactly what needs to be done. When she is brought to the male leaders who will decide her fate — will she stay with the other Khaleesis? Be raped? Sold? She asks why she wasn’t given a voice in the matter as she slowly walks around the room. The men become angry at her lack of fear and rise to attack her, but she is prepared.

Dany grasps the flaming pillars around her and throws them to the ground, instantly burning everything around them. She stands there and watches as the men run for their lives, unable to get out as the door has been bolted shut and the guards killed. The Dothraki rush and gather around the hut, unable to comprehend everything that is happening until a figure emerges from the flames. Dany emerges from the flames naked and proud, and the Dothraki are immediately in awe of her and bow down to their new queen. This was so good to see — these are the first people who follow her for her power alone, not just the actions of her dragons.

Other things happened (Baelish, ugh. Tyrion, bleh.) but this episode was the strongest one in a few seasons. The season is starting to pick up — and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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