Citizens! Be advised, there is an amazing activation happening at New York Comic Con this weekend and we have the scoop. Amazon has brought The Tick to life on the show floor with their fantastic replica of Overkill’s state-of-the-art watercraft complete with an artificially intelligent friend. It is one of those events worth waiting in line for. 

While you are waiting you register and get a wrist band that is chipped and contains all of your information needed to interact with Dangerboat. Once you are inside you will most likely be greeted by name by Dangerboat himself. Mounted on a pulley that goes through the middle of the boat, a friendly-looking white camera will watch your every move and, if you’re lucky, hit on you. 

True to the Dangerboat in The Tick, this activation’s AI is a little bit sassy, a tiny bit inappropriate, and completely hilarious to listen to. It really adds a new depth to the interactive experience and the best part is that you can talk back to him. Tell him you like how he looks, I bet the reaction will be memorable. 

After you have your first encounter with Dangerboat you will be asked to create your Superhero ID card. That’s right, for this activation you get to become a superhero a la The Tick. You put in your name and your chosen superpower then smile for a quick pic. They will print out the Dangerboat ID for you as you move onto the next part of the experience as a fun little keepsake. Be sure to look up when the camera is counting down so you get a good shot. 

Since you are a superhero now it is time to register with REGIS, the superhero registration agency from The Tick. Here you get to really define who you are as a superhero including your alias and a bunch of specifics about your tools, your powers, and your backstory. Once you sign up and submit all of that there is a reward for you: a can of faux ham. Thankfully it is not actually faux ham (though Overkill would probably be mad about that) and inside you will find a neat little gift that you get to take home with you. 

On your way out you can stop by the photobooth and put yourself straight into the world of The Tick. Be sure to say goodbye to Dangerboat (he has feelings too, you know) and grab your blue poncho as you leave just in case you need it. 

The Tick Dangerboat activation is flush with experiences, swag, and fun memories. Be sure to check them out on the main floor toward the back left corner once you walk in. The boat is huge, you can’t miss it. 

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