Synopsis 02×18: Charlotte’s human body is failing her after she is stabbed by Chet, Amenadiel refuses to give up the third piece of the blade, and as the conclusion to the season comes upon us everything sort of goes to hell in a hand basket…

If you remember last week’s episode, it ended with Charlotte getting stabbed by Chet and burning his face off. She took care of the body while Amenadiel and Lucifer were at Lux wrestling with the final piece of the blade. Amenadiel refused to give it up, claiming he needed to process the whole ordeal. 

Charlotte showed up at Dr. Linda’s office to ask for help with the wound and was tipped off to Lucifer’s plan when Linda made the mistake of asking if Lucifer was the one who stabbed her. She tried to brush it off and helped Charlotte by duct taping her wound. 

Lucifer went to Chloe for advice about Amenadiel’s reaction as they took on a new case, which just so happened to be centered on Chet’s charred body. Since Chloe seemed to have it under control he went to see Dr. Linda to try and get advice only to find his mother there and a hole burned into the wall. They filled him in on what happened and he was concerned because Chloe had gotten Chet’s case and she was good at her job. She would eventually link it back to Charlotte. 

Finding Amenadiel and the missing piece became Lucifer’s main priority and he sought out Maze’s help, only to find her playing doctor with Trixie. Maze reluctantly agreed to help, charging Lucifer her full fee as a bounty hunter. The missing angel, Amenadiel, turned out to be at an improv class doing a really bad job at it that no amount of Dan’s coaching could really fix. They shared a hug shortly before Maze showed up and used a taser to subdue Amenadiel. 

Chloe, still working the case despite Lucifer’s weird behavior, filled Chet’s brother in on his death and insisted she would investigate it fairly. She then walked in on Lucifer trying to not-so-subtly mess with the investigation by messing up evidence which did not phase Ella. In the process of being a dingus, Lucifer incidentally gave Ella the idea to look at satellite imagery of the warehouse where Chet’s body was found. That put them onto a cleaning service which had a van in the parking lot around the time Chet’s body would have been dumped. 

When they confronted the sisters (Kathleen and Eva) who ran the cleaning service, Kathleen provided a reason for the van being there: she was visiting a boyfriend. Lucifer continued to try and throw the case off to the point that Chloe finally confronted him, claiming she thought they were past his weird aloofness. They had built trust but now Lucifer seemed to be going backward and she informed him that going backward is not good for anyone. 

Chloe was able to tear apart Kathleen’s alibi because the boyfriend she claimed to be visiting was in Vegas at the time. On her way to go ask questions, Chloe found her sister Eva dead with her face charred like Chet’s. Kathleen came in on the scene, shocked. She admitted to taking money to clean Chet’s body but refused to say who paid her because she was worried for her own safety. 

Amenadiel woke up back at Lux and told Lucifer he’d put the key in a safe place. He insisted that they had looked at the Heaven situation the wrong way and he no longer wants to go back and hurt their father. There was something more to it all. Lucifer was less than enthused and asked Maze to fetch his mother from the wine cellar when they quickly realized she was MIA. 

She was not in the wine cellar because she was paying Dr. Linda a visit, this one far less friendly. Charlotte questioned her about her earlier statement regarding Lucifer and gave Dr. Linda two options: tell her what she wants to know over a glass of wine, or tell her what she wants to know the violent way. Things were not looking good for Linda. 

Lucifer received a call from Chloe requesting his help with Kathleen but had to turn her down because Charlotte turned up at Lux. Sheepishly, Lucifer shared that he and Amenadiel had decided their previous plan was no good and perhaps Charlotte should do something else. Maybe rule Hell? Of course she was not happy to hear that and revealed that she knew their plan, thanks to putting Linda through the ringer, and was “not angry, just disappointed.” She tossed them across the room. 

Charlotte got out of there and the boys argued about what to do until Lucifer remembered Linda and looked panicked. Amenadiel insisted that he would go find Linda and Lucifer needed to try and talk sense into their mother.

Their mother, on the other hand, showed up at the Santa Monica Pier where she was confronted by Dan and Chloe. Chloe had put two and two together, assuming Lucifer’s weird behavior was an attempt to protect Charlotte. Charlotte admitted she was the bad guy and would tell them everything if they would let her call her son. They allowed it and she threatened Lucifer, claiming she would let everyone at the pier – including Chloe – die, if she did not get the final piece to the sword. She then stepped out with Chloe to talk to her privately. 

Maze made it to Dr. Linda’s office before Amenadiel and found her in bad shape, beaten, a little burned, and stabbed. It did not look good. Amenadiel showed up and Maze begged him to help. There was not enough time for them to get Linda to the hospital. 

Lucifer showed up at the pier and found the final piece in Dan’s pocket. Amenadiel had stuck it in there. Outside of the carousel Charlotte admitted to Chet’s death but said she had not killed Eva, the cleaner. Lucifer joined them and offered her the blade just as Chet’s brother appeared and pointed a gun at Charlotte. There was a lot happening. The gun went off after attempts to talk through it failed but time slowed. 

Amenadiel, with Maze and Dr. Linda, had found his powers again and slowed time to help Linda. It also happened to help Lucifer. He tackled his mom off the pier onto the sand below and put the blade together. His mother tried to bargain with him for the sword, begged for a chance to start over, and Lucifer pulled out Chloe’s words. Charlotte wanted to go backwards, and that was not good for anyone. 

With a swing of the blade he cut a hole in the fabric of the universe and presented it to his mother. She could go into nothing and make a whole new world. They shared a tender moment where Charlotte admitted she would miss him, but she eventually submitted and in a blast of shining light disappeared into the new world. Lucifer tossed two parts of the blade in after her. Charlotte’s body remained and was somehow returned to the real Charlotte who was, understandably, very confused. 

Hector, Chet’s brother, was arrested and pegged with the two charred bodies. Chloe then confronted Lucifer again and told him that she didn’t understand why he wasn’t forward with her from the beginning. He either trusts her or he doesn’t, and she insisted that she would forgive him for his mistakes and flaws. If he believes that she doesn’t know who he really is then he is wrong. She’s his friend. 

Lucifer went to the hospital to apologize to Linda who silenced him. She insisted she knew what she was getting into and did it with both eyes open. Linda was his friend regardless of the circumstances, accepting the good, the bad, and the crispy. It would always be her choice. That seemed to encourage Lucifer to call and leave Chloe a voicemail insisting they meet because he was ready to tell her everything. However his intentions were cut short when he was whacked on the back of the head and knocked out. 

The final scene we see, which I’m not necessarily convinced is directly connected to the knock-out, is of Lucifer in the middle of a desert burned to heck. He stands up and it is revealed he has his wings again. An explanation will have to wait until next season. 

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