Season one of Snatchers is a delightful horror-comedy that is broken up into 8 six to ten-minute episodes produced by Stage 13. Snatchers follows high-school student Sara, who wakes up nine-months pregnant after having sex with Skylar, the tanned high school dreamboat. The best part? You can watch all eight episodes right now right here!

The show itself plays on the familiar horror tropes, teenage angst, and peer pressures, as Sara finds herself in a mean girls clique and abandoning her oldest friend, Hayley. Predictably, Hayley is the only person to help Sara with this “totally cray” situation and off to the free clinic they go.

Once there, they run past the lone protester and Sara delivers an unholy scorpion-lobster alien spawn?! The alien spawn, who can mind control people, is reminiscent of the “Bad Egg” episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and kills anyone who stands in its way.

Despite the predictability of the plot, Snatchers not only provides witty commentary in the form of teenagers and bad decision making, but also proves itself to be highly insightful. The show touches on some hot topic societal debates: ranging from safe sex, the fear of parents finding out about an unwanted pregnancy, to the unfair double standard of the patriarchy.

This commentary adds to the comedic value of the show. As a result, the show doesn’t take itself seriously, which adds to its quirky charm. Despite some scenes leaving the audience scratching their heads, Snatchers is definitely worth the watch, and we will be eagerly awaiting the second season.

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