Despite the hundred degree heat, thousands of fans descended upon the Pomona Fairplex for the conclusion of the Vans Warped Tour. As in years previous, people who enjoy alternative music from screamo to hard rock enjoyed the variety of bands at one of the larger rock festivals the United States has to offer. With eight different stages and multiple signings, there was plenty to see, hear, and experience.

With the emphasis on music, skateboarding, and the arts, it is unsurprising that comic book fans and alternative rock fans are one in the same. In an unprecedented partnership, Valiant Entertainment partnered with Vans Warped tour this year.

Valiant provided not only a small tent selling their comics and graphic novels, but also had an artist working on a large poster showcasing several of their comic book main characters throughout the day.

However, Warped Tour did not stop there and even invited local comic book shop, 4 Color Fantasies (located in Rancho Cucamonga) to promote their business. They sold figurines and comic books throughout the day. There were also several tents that allowed fans to explore their artistic side, as free body paint and artists were made available. 

Interspersed through the crowds and the mosh pits found people not only in band t-shirts, but also in various costumes, comic related t-shirts, and other superhero paraphernalia. People arrived in Harley Quinn, Doctor Who, and Super Women outfits, while others flew into the pits in Batman and Superman capes.

Conversations fluctuated between discussions of music and whether or not various characters would win in fights. Even Marvel’s most recent Capcom game not including the X-Men was a hot topic between sets.

Though some people mocked the influx of “nerd culture” at a venue for alternative music, most people were excited to see two of their interests finally intersect. Additionally, many of the bands embraced Valiant and the comic culture by emphasizing support for all the arts.

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