Synopsis of 03×12: Ryo seeks the help of his former crewmates; while Two gets news that you won’t believe. 

What a season it has been for Dark Matter! The Raza crew thought they lost Two on the last episode, but thankfully she’s alive. Turns out Boone somehow managed to sneak in and kidnap Two from the facility before the explosion. He may have saved her life, but he’s still an enemy and delivers Two to Ryo on Zairon. 

Two isn’t surprised to see Ryo. She holds her ground and tells him that the blink drive has been damaged and that the crew spaced it. Ryo doesn’t believe her and knows that the Raza will make the trade in order to save her life. Teku interrupts his negotiation with Two, claiming that the Generals are waiting for him.

With his attention diverted for just a moment, Two attacks the guards and fights Ryo. While engaged in combat an explosion goes off in the room where the Generals were waiting for Ryo, knocking Two and Ryo apart. Misaki storms into the room with reinforcements who lead Ryo to safety and lock up Two. Misaki tells Ryo that seven of his Generals have been killed and two were severely injured.  

The Raza crew is anxious to find Two; Three is drowning away his sorrows the best way he knows how, with alcohol. Five remains hopeful and tells Three that Two is alive because of what Android saw in the future. Six calls Five and Three to the bridge and Android reveals an image of the Marauder in FTL.

Ryo contacts the Raza and admits that Two is on Zairon. He invites the crew to Zairon for dinner so that he can convince them to give him the blink drive. He claims the Raza will not be attacked. Three is against going; Six wants to give Ryo the benefit of the doubt and trust him; Five wants to go solo to rescue Two. Six and Three argue when Five suggests using the transfer pods; this way everyone gets what they want.

Commander Neiman contacts Ryo to be sure he’s received the package (that is Two); he confirms and Commander tells Ryo to make good on their deal. The Raza crew accepts Ryo’s invitation for dinner and use the transfer pods to get to Zairon. Six and Misaki discuss whether or not Ryo killed Nyx. Misaki admits that she killed Nix and her actions were a service for the throne. Six calls her psychotic and she calls him a mass murder. Looks like Misaki doesn’t get along with anyone. 

Teku visits Five and she appears happy to see him; she admits she feels safe around him because she shared some of Ryo’s memories. He takes her to visit Two, but she is upset that Five and the others came at all. Five tries to convince Two to give Ryo the blink drive so that Two can be released. Five grows stronger and stronger as the show progresses and I don’t know about y’all but I love it!

Back on the ship, Android uploads the upgrade into her system. An avatar that looks like Chase appears, and offers Android guidance on her upgrade. The avatar reveals that there can only be one end, and that is to overthrow the anthroparkie human rule! Uh oh, that doesn’t sound like a good thing. Avatar and Android debate what will happen if the robots try to overthrow the humans. But the avatar tells Android it’s too late because the revolution has already begun. 

Ryo meets with each of the crew members and tells them something from their past. For Three, he revealed that Sarah was poisoned because of him. He tells Five that she has a sister and shows her a photo of her and her adoptive family. We don’t get to see the photo, but we do see Five shaking her head and saying no over and over again. Who could her sister be, and who are her adoptive parents?

Six meets with Ryo and tells him that the Raza crew isn’t responsible for all of the trouble he’s been through, that Boone and Portia are. He also tells him that he isn’t responsible for Nyx’s death. While trying to negotiate with Ryo, Six notices that one of the servants is acting weird when he serves the two of them drinks. Six knocks the drink out of Ryo’s hand, saving his life just in time for the servant to slit his own throat before stating that he serves the people of Zairon. 

Teku and Misaki are still against one another. The palace has been placed on lockdown and Misaki tells Teku he isn’t allowed to walk in the garden. The Raza crew and Ryo finally have dinner; Three and Five would like to make a deal with him, while Six and Two are skeptical.

Ryo tells the crew that he can reveal secrets about their past, and tells Six that he was betrayed by someone close to him in the GA. Misaki interrupts the dinner and claims that Teku betrayed Ryo. The truth? Misaki staged all the attacks on Ryo’s life. 

Teku manages to free Two and asks her to get Ryo away from Zairon safely. The crew works together to get back to the ship, while Two sets off to find Ryo to get him off Zairon. Six contacts Android and tells her to fire up the blink drive. Misaki finds Ryo alone and they finally fight.

Only this time, Ryo does what he should have done a long time ago and finally tries to kill Misaki. Things take a turn when she pins him to the floor, Two arrives just in time to help him and uses Misaki’s poisoned blade to stab her and mouths, “This is for Nyx.”

Meanwhile, Five and Six make it back to the transfer pods and retain their memories. Three on the other hand, doesn’t want to remember what Ryo told him about Sarah. So he stays behind and lets the soldiers kill him so he won’t remember anything.

Thankfully, everyone makes it back on the Raza, including Ryo. The crew discuss whether or not they should kill Ryo. Five and Six are on the fence about killing him while Three and Android think they should. It’s up to Two to decide what they will do in the end and she decides he must die. Before she kills Ryo he reveals that she has a daughter! Say what? This changes everything for Two! 

What an episode! I can’t believe Ryo spilled everyone secrets. The season finale is going to be insane! So many unanswered questions, did Two really kill Ryo? Now that Sarah has a body will she seek revenge on Three? The Android revolution has already begun, but what does that mean for the Raza and the rest of the galaxy? Who betrayed Six? Two has a daughter and we have no idea if she is actually safe or not. Will she tell Dr. Shaw? Who is Five’s sister and what family is she involved in? Ahhhh, I can’t wait! 

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