After four episodes back with Ahsoka Tano, it’s clear by the end of “Together Again” that we’re not going to be leaving her side any time soon. While initially season seven of The Clone Wars was described a season that was broken into three four-episode arcs, but after this episode, it feels a little more like the showrunners had a story for Ahsoka, and they had leftover episodes from “The Bad Batch” and they decided to piece it together.

I’m not complaining, because I loved the story of Echo and The Bad Batch, but I feel like as far as story arcs go, Ahsoka’s story with the Martez sisters feels lackluster in comparison. While Echo’s arc focused on many of the characters we already know, Ahsoka’s arc with Rafa and Trace feels less impactful.

After three episodes of building up to Ahsoka’s Jedi reveal to the sisters, it seems like they take it pretty mildly despite seeming to have a strong hate for Jedi. Also, Ahsoka’s reveal was far less climactic than I expected. I wanted to see her jump great heights, using the force in a major way, maybe even wielding a lightsaber somehow. Instead, we get some dialogue and a light force push.

I said last week that I didn’t like how the episode seemed to leave the trio back where they started, and this episode opens with the trio once again trying to get out of prison. Even though Rafa just apologized, she’s somehow prickly again and blaming Ahsoka for their situation in a very backward way.

Trace starts arguing with her sister, siding with Ahsoka, but Ahsoka realizes that her presence is not only causing a rift between the sisters but also she sees an opportunity to protect the Martezes. Asking for their trust, Ahsoka speaks up in front of Marg Krim and asks him to cut a deal with just her. 

Rafa and Trace will be allowed to leave the planet and go fetch the spice they’ve hidden off-world and be given one rotation to come back for Ahsoka, who has information about their family if they don’t come back. Despite knowing this is a lie, Marg Krim lets the Martezes go and risk the chance due to the pressure from Crimson Dawn and Maul.

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Freed from the Pyke jail, Rafa explains to Trace that Ahsoka sacrificed herself for the two of them so they could escape. Ahsoka obviously knows they have no family and this act of self-sacrifice earns Rafa’s respect. Instead of turning tail and running, she decides to come back for Ahsoka with a plan in mind. Her plan is to steal Pyke spice and deliver them their own spice. 

They land at a cargo bay and Rafa uses her quick lies to land and get the cargo aboard. They experience some issues once the workers realize they are not authorized to be there, but the sisters are quick to fight off the enemies and leave with the spice.

Alone now, Ahsoka quickly escapes from her cell and follows Marg Krim through the spice factory. Along the way, she picks up some explosives that she plants around the building. Coming upon Marg Krim, she sees him talking to none other than Darth Maul. Krim mentions a spice shipment that was raided on Coruscant, with potential Jedi involvement. 

It’s clear in this scene that Maul is able to play the syndicates against one another. Even though the Pykes are aware that they are being used, they can’t exactly do anything about it. Following them, Ahsoka tracks the signal of the broadcast from Maul to Mandalore and finds out that that’s where he is based. 

Before she can find anything else out though, she is found out by the Pykes and she uses the force in the skirmish. Knowing she is a Jedi, she has just become infinitely more valuable and they capture her again. Her appearance will help balm the fact that they lost the spice.

Even when the Martezes return with their stolen spice, Marg Krim is no longer interested. He outs Ahsoka’s identity and the sisters are shocked. They aren’t able to talk it out though, because the explosives that Ahsoka planted took this opportunity to explode. The distraction is enough for the trio to escape to their ship with a few ships in pursuit.

Using their teamwork, they are able to destroy the Pykes chasing them and leave the planet. Behind them, we see Bo Katan’s ship trailing behind.

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Returning home, Rafa and Trace reveal that they don’t hold any grudges against Ahsoka. Rafa mentions that even though Ahsoka does not say she is a Jedi, she acts like one, or rather, she acts like what their ideal of a Jedi should act like. They have a sweet moment after finally making it out alive but they are interrupted by Bo arriving at the hangar.

She offers Ahsoka an opportunity to help them defeat Maul. She says Death Watch is no more, but Maul is their common enemy. Worried that chasing Maul will lead her down a path of meeting back up with the Jedi, she still agrees after some encouragement from Rafa and Trace. Leaving her bike with the sisters, she nods and leaves with Bo.

As I said, I love Rafa and Trace, and I like the story that we’re getting about Ahsoka so soon after her exit from the Jedi. However, this does feel less impactful than the first arc. Her essential story this arc seems to only be a lead-in for her face down with Maul. We spent so little time with Bo Katan and these few episodes felt more like Ahsoka trying to find her place rather than a woman on a mission.

I’ll be interested to see where the final arc goes. We still have not seen many of the scenes that were shown in the season trailer, so the next four episodes have the potential to be completely legendary. 

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