Synopsis of 03×07: The team is still working to save Isaac and the other children taken by Reiden Global while Logan joins the IADG. Jackson goes on the hunt for the father of Clem’s baby, Sam Parker, and gets a little more than he bargained for. 

All the children were saved from Reiden this week, after a number of strange experiments that caused their brains to operate on the same frequency as the hybrids. Abigail was using the research to try and benefit her hybrids, but gave it up when she realized the team was going to dismantle the children’s program. 

Abigail was reunited with her child, Abendigos, while Logan was drawn into a conversation with IADG’s Agent Garrison, who offered him a chance to solve the mysterious death of some hikers in Germany. He was aware of Logan’s past with the team and wanted to offer him a permanent position with the IADG, which Logan accepted knowing the resources could help the team in the long run. 

Jamie checked in with Mitch about the facial recognition they ran on the image of Mr. Duncan. He lied to her about it in order to cover up his involvement while he tried to figure out what was happening. They were distracted when they arrived in Peru and Jamie and Mitch led the charge to find the latest hybrid. 

Along the way they came across Mitch’s dad, Max, who was on the hunt for the same monster, though he did not fully realize it was a hybrid. Back at the plane, Jackson and Abe played with the stasis tank they took from Abigail with the hopes of fixing it. Clementine helped, but Abe realized she was hurt and decided to run some tests to make sure she and the baby were alright. 

Max explained to Mitch and Jamie that Clem had been keeping him up to date on their adventures. He was in Peru to track down a giant ghost snake, and decided to pair up with Mitch and Jamie to track it down. They were able to find its lair and decided to go in because, why not? Lets go check out a giant snake we can’t see. 

Clem’s blood test revealed that her blood was attacking the baby because of a difference of type. In order to help her they needed to do a transfusion with the father’s blood, which meant Clem had to tell them about it. She explained that his name was Sam Parker and gave them what little information she had on him, which was not much to go on. 

Isaac told Dariela about the weird tasks they were asked to do while being experimented on. Dariela eventually approached Abe about taking their son home, but he told her he needed to stay and work. She was not happy about it and pretty set on getting their son to safety. 

With the stasis tank up and running, Jackson was able to pull some information off of it about Abigail. 

Back in Peru, Jamie got eaten by the snake and eventually cut herself out of it like the badass she is. They were able to get the DNA and Max left with them to the plane. There, the team realized that Clem would lose the baby due to the blood issue and Jackson suggested they put her in the stasis tank. She agreed, willing to do anything to save her baby, but Mitch was not happy about it. 

Max oversaw the analysis of a compound connected to Mr. Duncan, recognizing Mitch’s biological signature in it. Jamie finally put two and two together and realized that Mitch was Mr. Duncan. She confronted him and he put a tranq in her right after apologizing. 

Not to be outdone in terms of crazy, Max went to check on something in his room and the audience realized that he stole an egg from the ghost snake’s nest… because of course he did. 

On the hunt for Sam Parker, Jackson showed up at a house, but the gentleman with the right name had no idea what he was talking about. It was a set up from the get-go, and Abigail appeared, killed this particular Sam Parker, and took Jackson. 

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