Synopsis of 2×13: Kara deals with a magical imp named Mr. Mxyzptlk that has professed his love to her. Kara and Mon-El argue about their relationship. Alex and Maggie struggle with celebrating Valentine’s Day and Winn finds love in an unlikely place. 

This week’s Supergirl literally picks up seconds after where last week’s ended. Kara and Mon-El were about to lock lips after coming to terms last week with their attraction for each other but the two young love birds are rudely interrupted by Mr. Mxyzptlk, a magical inter-dimensional imp. Comic book fans will likely recognize Mr. Mxyzptlk as he is a familiar super villain and occasional antihero from Superman’s world.

Mr. Mxyzptlk, or Mxy as he is commonly referred as, makes short work of his time with Kara and begins lavishing her with flowers before dropping down on one knee and proposing to her. Mxy claims that he is Kara’s one true love. To say Mon-El isn’t happy would be an understatement and thus the romantic rivalry between the two men begins.

Mxy’s boldness and strong approach is a surprisingly new flavor in a show that has typically down played the romantic relationships and admissions of attraction. However, Mxy has been watching Kara across the dimensions for quite a while. Cue the creepy silence.

As the team discusses Mxy’s presence back at headquarters, Hank shares that he is familiar with fifth dimensional beings like Myx who have been found in many moments throughout Earth’s history.

Across town, Winn nurses a beer alone on Valentine’s Day, while reflecting on his single status. Of course, it comes as no surprise when a female alien named Lyra saves Winn’s life in a bar fight and the two seem to hit it off surprisingly well.

Lyra is incredibly forward and asks Winn out for dinner. I’m incredibly happy to see actor Jeremy Jordan get a bit more story to work with concerning Winn and while Lyra is a bit rough around the edges, her personality starkly contrasts with Winn’s and the two could make a good match for each other. Winn later admits to Lyra that what scares him the most is not falling for an alien but falling for anyone, as he hasn’t had great luck with women in his past.

Meanwhile Alex and Maggie are dealing with relationship problems of their own. Apparently Maggie hates Valentine’s Day and Alex solemnly wishes she could celebrate it with her for once after spending so many Valentine’s Days alone in her past. After Alex makes some plans, Maggie reveals that Valentine’s Day holds bad memories for her in the past as it was on that day that her parent’s learned of her coming out and strictly disapproved of it.

Kara and Mon-El get a rude awakening when they are forced to fight Parasite, a former villain that they had thought they had killed. When they realize that they are out manned, Mxy drops in to save the day.

This time though, Mxy is dressed as Superman, including his authentic cape, tights and all. Mxy’s damage is done though as his presence creates a rift between Kara and Mon-El, as the two argue over whether or not Kara could have handled the situation on her own. Mon-El’s concern over Kara’s welfare is touching but he is also getting a touch too jealous of a certain imp.

Back at the DEO, Winn is playing with some new advanced technological toys, including an unknown and untested fifth dimensional energy device or relic. Unbeknownst to Winn, Mon-El snags the device believing he can use it against Mxy.

Mon-El pursues Mxy on his own and challenges him to a duel. Mon-El presents the relic, which cuts of Mxy from the fifth dimension and prevents him from using his magical powers. Mxy is quickly able to outwit Mon-El and is seconds from killing him before Kara arrives to save the day. In order to save Mon-El’s life, Kara agrees to marry Mxy and the two plan to reconvene at the fortress of solitude for the ceremony.

The next day at the fortress of solitude, Kara rejects him and admits that she lied and that she will not marry him. Mxy responds with force, but Kara responds with intelligence. She sets the fortress on a self-destruct course that will kill them both inside.

Mxy claims that he will do anything to prevent her from killing herself. In the last few seconds, Kara gives him the cancellation code, which cancels the self-destruct process. However, seconds later Mxy realizes that Kara made him write his name backwards, which like a loophole, sends him packing back to the fifth dimension. It seems Kara was more than capable of dealing with Mxy on her own.

Maggie and Alex reconcile when Maggie realizes Alex’s love of Valentine’s day and she puts some effort into surprising Alex with a romantic date the next evening. Maggie romantically admits that Alex is the one person that could make her actually like Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, Kara and Mon-El have their own reconciling to do after Mon-El admits that Kara is his kryptonite and forces himself to walk away from her, believing that they don’t belong together. Kara is quick to stop him though, admitting that she was in part tricking him and lying to him about much of what she said. Kara still believes the two of them are a good match and the two finally embrace and spend the evening together.

For a Valentine’s Day themed episode, Supergirl made quite the impression. Kara’s double standard is both a blessing and a curse for her and Mon-El’s relationship. Mon-El is the first alien that Kara has let herself express feelings towards and the fact that the two of them both have powers makes their pairing extremely convenient. While they share mutual feelings, their personalities are also greatly different. Still, Mon-El may feel a little too much for Kara, which may end of back firing in the future and could lead to the destruction of their relationship.

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