Synopsis of 2×09: This episode is divided primarily into three parts. Part 1: Doc and Wynonna deal with a possessed painting and also Wynonna’s crazy plans to confront demon Clootie on her own terms. Part 2: Rosita and Waverly take a day off and go to the spa to sort out their relationship issues – and we learn Rosita’s big secret! Part 3: Dolls and Jeremy investigate the widows (and briefly Rosita) together and it’s absolutely adorable. Basically, it’s an amazing episode with all kinds of characters interacting one-on-one and it’s awesome!

If you every thought that pregnancy was going to keep Wynonna down I hope you’ve realized that’s anything but the truth by now. But if you still harbor your doubts, just watch the first few minutes of this episode. Because it starts out with Waverly and Wynonna working out under Dolls’ guidance and PREGNANT WYNONNA DOES A BACKFLIP. And then hilariously high fives her belly.

So, yeah. I think Wynonna’s good.

Dolls is doing pretty well, too. He’s apparently meeting with Rosita weekly to get ‘medically cleared.’ I say that with quotations because I’m not sure what exactly Rosita’s qualifications are, but she makes damn fine demon medicine so she’s cool in my book. In an adorable and kinda awkward moment Dolls tries to thank her with a spa gift card and suggests she and Doc go hop in a hot tub. I mean, I’m here for that fanfiction.

Really, though, I’m here for Wynonna and Dolls. But this is more of a Wynonna and Doc episode.

It’s also something of a Dolls and Jeremy episode and also a Waverly and Rosita episode. We were told during our roundtable interviews at SDCC that this was a season of different characters finally getting to interact with one another and they weren’t wrong. We’re seeing a lot of new relationships form and I can’t wait to see who gets to spend time together next.

Let’s start with Wynonna and Doc.

Wynonna gets him over to her house under the guise of dinner – and, Doc assumes – talking about the baby. She cooks him a terrible meal (see Tim Rozon’s tweet below) and then surprises him with a huge, shocking revelation. No, it has nothing to do with the baby. Instead it has everything to do with his ring. 

Remember Wynonna’s little spirit quest where she almost died last episode and how she found out that Doc’s ring, which basically keeps him immortal, was the third seal? Yeah. Wynonna asks him to give it to her so he can destroy and summon demon Clootie back to life.

Understandably, Doc thinks she’s freakin’ crazy. But she has her reasons. Wynonna wants to bring back Clootie and end the curse for good by killing him. After all she has baby Earp to think about. She might just be able to save her kid from the curse that has plagued her family and dominated her life. But Doc isn’t too keen on the idea of giving up his immortality, especially when he’s sworn to himself that he’d use it to protect Wynonna and every Earp to come after her from here on out.

Now, if you thought this conversation was level-headed and rational then you would be mistaken. First, when are Doc and Wynonna ever level-headed and rational? But seriously – something is going on and it makes them even more angry and hurtful than usual. Doc has been having a lot of run-ins with demons lately and it’s in part because of the ring. It attracts them.

And Doc inadvertently brings them to Wynonna’s home with him.

Basically, Doc walks into an antique shop that apparently just happens to also serve whiskey. I feel like there’s no way a store like this would want to go through the effort of getting a liquor license. But what do I know? Maybe it’s Purgatory and just every store has a liquor license, including baby boutiques.

The demon who killed the shop owner sells Doc a painting that looks really nice. It’s a little girl with a doll looking out on what almost appears to be the Earp homestead. But when he brings it to Wynonna’s home, the child in the painting has an almost skull like face and the painting itself is dark and scary. Also, since it was a murderous demon that might explain the serving liquor. Also the creepy painting. Who knows?

While Doc and Wynonna have their little spat (which actually at one point involves Wynonna pointing Peacemaker at him) the painting is changing. The doll comes to the forefront and appears larger… THEN DISAPPEARS FROM THE PAINTING ALL TOGETHER. It appears as just a doll in one scene. And it makes noises, opens cabinets, and basically does a bunch of Paranormal Activity-esque creepy stuff. Then at the end it appears as a child-sized, much more humanoid creature. For a brief second it gets it’s hands on the ring before Wynonna dispatches it to hell.

It turns out the doll-demon-thing was manipulating them, but they did mean a lot of what they said together. Still, Doc comes to agree with Wynonna and lets her keep the ring. He presents it to her on one knee in a scene that’s probably going to make Doc/Wynonna shippers freak out. But, no, he does not propose. Doc just promises to be there by her side when they break the final seal and she promises to wait until after the baby is born to do it.

Next up, we have Rosita and Waverly.

Remember how at the beginning I said that Dolls gave Rosita a gift card to a spa? With Doc off alone spending time with Wynonna, and Waverly and Nicole on the outs, the two of them decide to say screw it and go to the spa together.

It takes a little while for Waverly to get comfortable, but once she does the two of them start really bonding. We learn some new things about Rosita including the fact that she may have three PhDs? Crazy! But we already know she’s super smart. Waverly shares with her that she got some bad news and she vaguely references the paternity results she received. Basically they kick back, drink champagne, and try to help each other through things. They also kiss – and realize that what they really want is to get back to their significant others.

But then Tucker appears out of nowhere and murders Rosita before taking Waverly hostage.

Yeah, no, I’m not kidding. Tucker – who early on in the episode is believed to be dead and charred to a crisp – shows up to take Waverly away. After leaving Rosita’s dead body on the floor he takes her into another room where it’s all Waverly can do to play along with his delusions. She tries calling Wynonna for help but obviously that doesn’t pan out. And she did just send a really nasty text to Nicole. Luckily, Rosita is not dead and she comes to save the day.

The reason that Rosita is not dead?

Yeah, she’s a Revenant.

In the roundtables we did at SDCC someone – either Tim Rozon or Tamara Duarte herself – let slip that we would soon learn what Rosita was and now we have. She’s the girlfriend of someone Wyatt had a grudge against and when he was killed by Peacemaker she apparently was too.

Rosita expects Waverly to turn her in, but then she shares a dark truth with Rosita: she’s pretty sure she’s half Revenant herself. I really hope that this means in future episodes we’ll see Rosita helping Waverly embrace her inner demon and what I assume will be some number of subsequent powers. But for now she’s just encourages Waverly to go make up with Nicole.

Also, don’t worry. While Rosita doesn’t kill Tucker, Beth appears to kill him later on. I mean, she’s eating his arm so… that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s killed him. But we can hope.

Anyway, with all that said, lastly, we have Dolls and Jeremy.

As the only two true, former Black Badge employees they’re working together a whole lot now. And it’s freakin’ adorable. From learning the rules of cricket and watching it with Dolls so he’ll like him (but not in the way he wants Doc to like him) to giving him ‘mental hugs’ over the radio during tactical operations, Jeremy is basically the anti-Dolls. Seeing them together makes me so happy and the two characters just have so much chemistry and potential.

In this episode we see them break into Rosita’s workshop (because Dolls seems to know something’s not quite right with her) to get the anti-demon formula so Jeremy can replicate it. Jeremy isn’t too cool with all that but he is quickly distracted when he accidentally stabs himself with a widow’s claw that was embedded in the stairway railing. They put two-and-two together and, after seeing Beth earlier in the episode, realize that she’s also widow.

Dolls and Jeremy go to the Gardner home and Dolls infiltrates it. We find out that the demons aren’t really Mercedes and Beth. They have skinned Mercedes and Beth’s faces off of their bodies and thrown the real individuals down into the basement. While one of them is dead, the other (who I assume is Mercedes), is still alive somewhat. Dolls promises to save her… but, honestly, I don’t actually remember if he does. He has a showdown with one of the widows and then Jeremy bursts in trying to help and the widow escapes. 

And that’s basically the episode.

The ending, though, is terrifying. Beth, using some dark magic and Constance Clootie’s servered head, contacts her demon husband and somehow gets put on Nicole’s trail. The very end has a happy Nicole answering her door hoping to see Waverly, only to see a really messed up looking Mercedes… who we all know to be demon Mercedes, widow of demon Clootie. I feel like this is an ‘If Daryl Dies We Riot’ moment for the Earpers because NO ONE SHOULD EVER HURT NICOLE. SHE’S THE BEST. 

I’m really hoping that Waverly rushes in to rescue her at the beginning of the next episode.

Oh! Something cool I need to mention before signing off to go worry about Nicole’s well being for a week.

 There’s a super cool moment in this episode where BEAU SMITH APPEARS! For the unfamiliar, he’s the creator of the original Wynonna Earp comics. He gets a small role where he crosses paths with Doc at the little antique shop where Doc buys the demonic painting. Beau Smith doesn’t say anything but he gets a few seconds directly on screen. It’s really awesome – especially because he’s such a great guy who really loves the show.

Hopefully we get to see him again soon as a reoccurring Purgatory resident!

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