Synopsis of 03×10: When Victor video calls, it’s Android (and Two and Six) to the rescue.  

This episode is all about Android! We finally get to see the crew help the honorary crew member. When Victor calls on the Android for help, Android unapologetically asks the crew for help in saving him and reveals he is the one responsible for her upgrade. Two and the rest of the crew immediately agree to help her friend. Yet, even though Three is willing to help, he still feels weird about Victor and the rest of Android’s friends.

Two and Six accompany Android to Jana12 to meet with Victor. Anya’s owner located her on Jana12 and showed up demanding she go back with him. Ruek was injured trying to protect Anya and Anya’s owner to died accidentally.

Android has never asked the crew for anything, but she asks Two and Six to help give her friends safe passage to a new location via the Raza. Two agrees and the androids board the ship. Android runs a scan over Ruek; he wakes and tells Victor, “It was wrong what they did.”

It appears Victor seems to be hiding something. Victor secretly removes Ruek’s microchip right before Android walks into the room.  She questions him about what Ruek said and he lies to her. Since he isn’t human, Android isn’t able to read him to confirm if he is telling the truth. 

Victor offers Android another upgrade. Android refuses and would prefer to remain as is to protect her crew. After running a scan over Anya, Android discovers that she has a tracking device impeded in her and there’s nothing they can do to remove it. Victor invites Android to go with him and Anya to another place instead of to the creator because they are being tracked.

Android refuses and claims her memories were lost during the reboot. Victor unlocks Android’s memories and she learns of how Two took over the ship and the beginnings of their relationship. The GA arrives and interrupts them. 

Anya feels guilty about the death of her owner and Ruek’s condition. She decides it’s time to end her life to protect Victor and the others on the Raza. Five calls the rest of the crew for back-up so they can save her. But it’s too late, Anya electrocutes herself and terminates. Six and Two flush the body. The GA shows up and the crew dives into FTL.

Three visits Sarah to let her know what’s been happening on the ship. Sarah is pro-androids causing her and Three to have a debate. Three claims he doesn’t trust the androids and thinks they are up to something. Sarah convinces him to give them a chance like he did her.

Two, Six, Android, and Victor arrive at the creator’s sanctuary. The caretaker of the facility, named Chase, greets Two as Rebecca and Android as Sukey. Confused, Two asks Chase to explain how he recognizes her. Chase explains that Dr. Shaw helped create Rebecca and helped her escape Dwarf Star. When Rebecca escaped she tracked down Dr. Shaw and they both went into hiding at the sanctuary.

Dr. Shaw wanted to remake all androids like Rebecca. She helped reprogram them, sending out updates and programs to hide them from the authorities. While at the facility, Dr. Shaw and Rebecca had an intimate relationship that flourished until Dr. Shaw got sick. Rebecca used her nanoites to help heal her, but it didn’t work so she froze her body in hopes to one day find a cure. 

Android learns that she was created for a higher purpose; for Dr. Shaw to put her consciousness in her. Dr. Shaw couldn’t go through with it so Chase thought Android could be used to help Rebecca move on. After learning the truth, Two wants to try and give Dr. Shaw her second generation nanoites to see if they will work.

Android decides to head back to the ship and would prefer to spend her time repairing the ship instead of waiting around for her creator. Two asks Six to accompany her and he learns that Android feels unwanted, disappointed and without purpose. He manages to state all the reasons she is none of those things and very much part of the Raza crew.

Back on the ship Android tries to practice appearing more human, like smiling. Five walks in on her and reaffirms everything that Six said to her on the Marauder. Meanwhile, back at the facility, Dr. Shaw wakes up and talks to Two and Victor, confirming everything that Chase told them. Two asks Dr. Shaw why she never went through with adding her consciousness to Android and  Dr. Shaw admits that she couldn’t go through with it. Rebecca was upset with her and they fought endlessly about it.

Two convinces Three to ask Sarah if she would consider becoming an android. Though Three isn’t quite the fan of robots, he jumps at the opportunity to have Sarah out of the virtual world. Sarah agrees and Three carries her consciousness to the facility. Things are going perfectly until the GA arrives. Turns out Victor also has a hidden tracking device, but Dr. Shaw can help get rid of it. Three wants to take Sarah back with him but it’s too late to transfer her because the process has already been started. 

Android says goodbye to Victor with not one, but two kisses (way to go, Android!). The rest of the Raza crew head back to the ship while Dr. Shaw, Victor, and Chase take Sarah and leave on a secret ship. Three invites Android to drown her sorrows with him. She takes a sip of the alcohol and opts to have her hot chocolate instead. He laughs and tells Android if Victor ever makes it back on to the ship he will welcome him. 

Sarah emerges in her new body. Dr. Shaw, Victor, and Chase tell her she is more powerful than anyone because she has a human mind inside of an android body. They have plans for her. But what does that mean for Sarah and Three? What an awesome episode! 

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