The 100: Inclement Weather (1×02)

Synopsis: Clarke finds out so pretty creepy shit when she goes sneaking around the Bunker. Meanwhile Octavia tries to rescue Lincoln from his people, Jaha finds a reason to live, and Bellamy and Finn try to figure out how to get out of camp without Kane stoping them so they can try and find Clarke and the others.

Rating: ★★★★☆

With all of the characters split up across such a wide variety of locations, the episode jumps around a lot. One moment we’ll be with Clarke and the others underground and then we’ll shift to Olivia with the Grounders, Bellamy and Finn with the survivors from the Ark, or even Jaha in space. Things aren’t exactly going well for anyone.

Bellamy is still locked up and though Kane means well our resident bad boy clearly doesn’t agree. Kane keeps trying to get information from him about how the Grounders work so that they can fight back if and when needed. But he won’t let him go out to try and help find and rescue the others and he won’t let him free. Instead he and Murphy get to share a makeshift cell. Murphy actually tries to explain himself but Bellamy isn’t hearing it. Apparently days of torture weren’t enough of a reason for Muprhy to have broken and betrayed them to the Grounders. At least as far as Bellamy is concerned.

Finn hasn’t really been able to think much about trying to find Clarke and the others. He’s too busy worrying about Raven who survived the Grounder attack but is in bad shape. Though Abby recommends against it, she elects to go forward with surgery to remove the bullet in her back. Except she has to do it without anesthesia. So. Yeah. Not exactly fun.

Ugh, Marcus Kane. You are so attractive but this whole martial law thing isn't working. [CW]
Ugh, Marcus Kane. You are so attractive but this whole martial law thing isn’t working. [CW]
With Bellamy locked up and Finn otherwise occupied, Kane and the others are dealing with the threats on the ground the best they can. But, you know, adults don’t seem to be capable of anything in this show. Someone gave guns to incompetent folks and they shot at someone who came to camp. And later on Grounders capture and string up a group of survivors.

One good thing comes out of the first “attack,” though.

The people that were shot at weren’t Grounders but some of the underground compound’s people. When the wounded are brought back to the bunker Clarke is able to see the gunshot wound and realize that it is not the Grounders that attacked these people but someone else. Someone who uses guns. Of course, the evil president dude tries to cover that all up. I mean, of course he does. He says it’s an arrow wound and even lets Clarke see the body. (It still looks like a gunshot wound to me but hey. I’m not a medical examiner.)

But she’s on her own for now it seems. No one else wants to believe her that the bunker folks are hiding anything because theya re just too happy to be alive and safe. And, after seeing those men crucified, Kane is keeping everyone else close to camp until he can secure the area. Abby – understandably – isn’t happy about it at all because Clarke is out there but, you know, he’s not wrong here. Everyone online keeps complaining about Kane but it’s not like he can just sacrifice people for the main characters. They are the main characters. They’ll be fine. Kane, meanwhile, needs to worry about his people.

Octavia, on the other hand, just says screw it and confronts the Grounders herself. I mean, initially she is left by the Lincoln Memorial by Lincoln. But when she wakes up Michael, another Grounder and friend of Lincoln, is there and he takes care of her after it turns out he was captured. His friend plays it off like he’s as good as dead and tells her to run away but she knocks him out and decides to go after Lincoln because of course she does. She takes this big, burly dude hostage and then walks right up to the Grounder camp to confront Lincoln’s clan. This is true love people.

Girl, how are you this attractive with how banged up you are right now? [CW]
Girl, how are you this attractive with how banged up you are right now? [CW]
It turns out that Michael is the only healer in the clan so he’s irreplaceable. So that worked out surprisingly well for her, I guess. She demands that the leader of the clan bring her Lincoln at the memorial and seems to think she’s won.

Raven, unfortunately, has not won. She survived her surgery and she can still walk – sorta. With one leg and crutches at least, it seems. While the bullet is out of her spine and she’s not completely paralyzed she can’t use her left leg. She takes it hard but at least she can accept what Finn and the others haven’t yet: someone needs to go find the others.

Not that that’s going to be easy.

Maybe it would be if Clarke could get out of the bunker she could find them but that’s not going to help it if the others can help it. Jasper, Miller, and the others are quite happy with where they are and Clarke is kind of the outsider now. No one wants to risk their ability to stay. Even though Clarke has decided that the wound looks like an arrow wound she goes on and on about how it could all be a trick. (And, realistically, it probably is because if something seems to be too good to be true it probably is.) But she’s not getting help from her people because as Jasper says to her, “Right now, the biggest threat to us is you.”

She doesn’t drop it, though. Instead she tracks down an injured soldier that survived to try and get answers from him. Except he’s in medical and she’s not so she re-opens an injury that had previously been stitched up so she could get in there. I’d call that dedication. Also, very very painful.

But at least someone’s going to try and find them.

Someone's about to find something she shouldn't... [CW]
Someone’s about to find something she shouldn’t… [CW]
Finn breaks out Bellamy and Murphy with the help of some of the other 100 kid survivors. Later, Abby meets them before they head off and with the help of Miller’s father supplies them for their trip before the two of them go back to camp supposedly to cover for them as long as he can.The problem is that they aren’t going in the wrong direction. They are going to try and track them down at the Grounder prison camp, which, you know, is not at all where they want to go. Unfortunately they can’t know that.

At least Octavia gets what she wants this episode for all of like five seconds. She and Lincoln are reunited at the exchange point… only for another clan of Grounders to raid Lincoln’s people and grab him, Michael, and the others before dragging them off and leaving her unconscious. Why they left her I have no idea but at least maybe now she can hook up with Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, and the others  and maybe try to find that prison camp to rescue Lincoln and his people. That way the whole trip won’t be a total bust.

But they really need to come rescue Clarke and the others – and soon.

Because some seriously creepy shit is going down. Clarke realizes that the bunker folks aren’t what they seem just as she had always expected. While in medical she discovers that these weird ass shunts that everyone in the bunker has in their bodies – which the president says is to treat their blood in case of exposure to the outside world – are actually meant for some kind of blood recycling or something. Whatever they actually do Clarke follows the tubes from the shunt to a secret room with people in it being strung up and bled with even more being held in cages. And these people?

Clarke knows them.

That’s how the episode ends. But I’m going to leave you on a happy note.

Because, holy shit, Jaha is on Earth! He’s not dead in space!

This guy turns out to be hella crafty when he needs to be! [E! Online/CW]
This guy turns out to be hella crafty when he needs to be! [E! Online/CW]
Okay, so, during this entire episode Jaha has a little adventure of his own going on. After losing contact with the folks on the ground he starts hallucinating a baby crying and, you know, he’s probably just crazy right? Well, he finds a baby. Or he seems to find one anyway. It’s all pretty fishy from the get go. A baby that looks just like Wells would have as an infant? A baby who is suddenly playing with a chess knight? But the hallucination does what it needs to do – it gets him to care about living again. Even if it’s not living for himself, Jaha has a reason now to try and find a way to get to the ground.

He manages to do it by jury rigging an old missile into a reentry vehicle and space walking from one end of the busted up station to the other. That’s when he realizes that the baby isn’t real (which is a good thing because when he came in from his space walk he fell hard on his stomach where the baby was supposed to be held in his space suit) he starts hallucinating a grown Wells. He had a minor break down but his hallucination of his son tells him that he can’t give up. People still need him on the ground. (And considering that Marcus works better as a guard dog than a leader that’s not at all wrong.)

Some how against all odds he survives. I mean, seriously. This show makes re-entering the atmosphere from orbit seem hella easy. But whatever. Jaha is on Earth. The question is: where on Earth?

Maybe that will be answered next episode.

Maybe it won’t.

Either way it looks like the shit might hit the fan in the bunker at the very least so that’s going to be fun. And, ugh. Marcus. C’mon. You need to realize that you’re on Earth now. People aren’t going to be kept together by martial law. Marcus. Please.


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