Season 1 of iZombie introduced us to Liv Moore, the high-achieving, type-A medical doctor whose life got turned upside down (or buried 6 feet under) after she got bitten by a zombie during a rave.

Liv adapted to her new situation – even with pale white skin and ghostly hair, she managed to trick her friends and family into believing that she suddenly decided to go Goth-Noveau instead of going to join the legion of the undead. Liv gets a job at the morgue, and with it, easy access to brains. Unfortunately, those brains come with the memories and traits of the deceased. With her newfound skills, Liv helps catch murderers with the help of her boss at the morgue, Dr. Ravi, who knows Liv’s secret, and Detective Clive Babineaux, who believes Liv is a psychic.

Here’s where we left each character last season:

Liv and Major

Liv had a rough go of it Season 1 romantically. Not only did she become a zombie and break off her engagement to Major out of concern for his safety, but Blaine killed her superhot rockstar zombie adrenaline junkie boyfriend Lowell in front of her.

Can we have a moment of silence for the only person who could give Liv pointers on spray tans and hair dye? [etonline]
The true tragedy is we lost the only person who could give Liv pointers on spray tans and hair dye. [etonline]
Liv ate some brains and found herself back in ex-fiance Major’s arms. Unfortunately for her, Major’s been looking into the murders of homeless youth at Blaine’s hands. Major confronts Blaine and gets grievously injured, forcing Liv to scratch him and turn him into a zombie to save his life.

Major's vendetta is the most interesting thing about his character...and it's not that interesting. [entertainmentfuse]
Major’s vendetta is the most interesting thing about his character… and it’s not that interesting. [entertainmentfuse]
Major’s not okay with his new undead state, so Liv steals the only vial of the zombie cure Ravi developed and (presumably) turns him human again. Liv also injects the rest of the cure into Blaine, ending his reign as the brain-dispensary kingpin. All’s well that ends well, right?

Yeah, not so much.

The police Lieutenant decides he’s done being a pawn in Blaine’s operation and blows up Meat Cute, along with Liv’s brother who was waiting outside for his first day. Liv’s brother needs a blood transfusion to live, and she refuses to donate because it would turn him into a zombie.


Ravi spent the majority of Season 1 developing a cure to zombieism and crushing on Peyton/Aly Michalka (because who wouldn’t?). After a few close calls (for all that is scientifically rigorous, do NOT handle the hungry zombie rat with flimsy gloves), he succeeds. Liv uses the one vial of untested cure on Major and Blaine.

Ravi’s romantic pursuits seemed promising, but after Peyton learned that Liv was a zombie, it looks like she ditched the pair.

Max Rager

I know it’s a company, but it’s also the main villain in the series. The nefarious organization is responsible for the tainted drinks which cause zombieism. More importantly, they know about the side effect and want to exploit it to expand their consumer base.

Check back here for recaps of season 2 of iZombie, premiering October 6th on the CW!

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